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    Pete Chamberlain  Demian Gutberlet

    Hi Pete, Demian,

    From the perspective of a manufacturer of building products, a wireless VR experience presents a compelling opportunity to demonstrate products virtually (in a sales presentation) to architects.

    We make architectural lighting - while small product samples are used, most architectural products present challenges to visualize (due to light emission, or scale).

    Enscape looks great and I'm eager to work more in the platform!!

    I can't stress enough that wireless VR (like Oculus Quest) is a game changer. While there is a potential for digital sales only, the scenarios I imagine are in person presentations where our team can bring wireless VR (Oculus Quest) to an office without extensive setup, wires, wifi networks, etc. In order to bring the experience to others, we'd be willing to sacrifice quality for portability.

    Hoping you can upvote support of the platform and provide your community with any potential roadmap which shows support of this platform.