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    Is there anyway of relinking assets? I have colleague's who use Sketchup with Enscape and I use Rhino. I can open there models directly into Rhino, but the Enscape assets are just the proxies with no link, so at the moment I have to delete and replace them

    thanks for any info on this


    I have done it myself, too. Deleting Enscape assets from SK and replaced in Rhino. I had hoped it would transfer since Enscape seemingly uses the same asset file for all supporting programs?

    Not sure if this kind of coding can be done realistically (or Enscape team would rather focus on each program-specific issues), but it will be really great. A bit skeptical, though.

    We're very sorry about the current situation when it comes to the lighting in Rhino 7 not being supported properly in this case - I'll get together with PM and the Developers to find a solution to this as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback and further patience, I will definitely get back to you once I have any further news soon!

    Thank you for the response. Looking forward to prompt resolution. Any way possible to know about any plans to correctly show Rhino materials/render geometry in Enscape?

    - Separate sub object material

    - Multi channel mapping

    - Geometric modifiers (render mesh for edge softening, displacement, decals) | this doesn't have to be live updates. I'm sure everyone will be happy to have this update even with Enscape showing the render mesh/geometry only in final render.

    Enscape is already good, but with these basic Rhino functions, it will be really great. These are such simple things a lot of Rhino users have been using without much thought. Thank you.

    Rhino 7 brought welcome updates on lighting including falloff and Inverse Squared. It's not still IES, but should be good enough for most cases.

    However, Enscape doesn't seem to behave correctly with updated lighting. I tried all different units, MM, M, IN, FT, but I don't see any change in behavior. It's really hard to fine tune the light intensity in the regular 'constant' mode. What's more problematic is, 'Inverse Squared' is like just light turned on/off. It's also supposed to work more realistically with distance between light and objects, but 'Inverse Squared' light becomes way too bright even at .1.

    Is there something I'm missing to use the updated lighting correctly with Enscape?

    Goodmorning You can apply individual materials to different faces of an object in rhino but its only halfway there in enscape since they don't currently support multiple mapping channels. It works in the rhino viewport but if you need to have differently scaled textures on the same object in enscape it doesn't work yet.

    Let's say you have a box with all the faces joined so its one object. Hold down ctrl and shift at the same time and then click a face of the box. With the sub-object (face) selected go to the properties panel and change the material. You can also use ctrl+shift+click to select vertices and edges as well as faces. If you use booleans or modify the object in any way where you add or subtract the number of faces the new faces will default to the base material

    I assumed jostema already would know how to do that in Rhino, and the frustration was that it's not reflected in Enscape. But I did specify "you can do it in Rhino." Surely your explanation could help someone here.


    In Sketchup you can control the texture on each individual side of a joined geometry. It is possible to change scaling, orientation, positioning and image texture on each individual sides. This makes it very easy to test materials.

    It this possible in Enscape/Rhino without exploding the geometry into single faces?

    I seriously wish.

    You can do it in Rhino, but Enscape won't show what you see in Rhino. There are a lot of useful Rhino render features, but unfortunately Enscape as of now cannot render:

    - Decals

    - Edge softening

    - Displacement (new Enscape version has its own displacement, but not as good)

    - Different materials on different surfaces when joined.

    Rhino 7 finally brought in SubD, which is a huge deal. I really hope Enscape can render SubD. I wonder if it's just an unfortunate disadvantage of realtime render that won't be solved at all, or there are updates on horizon to make Enscape work better with Rhino.

    I was thankful for this update. I haven't tried, but is it possible to copy the Enscape file to a custom asset folder; then change color of the material and save?