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    Another question with Batch render (besides file naming), how would it work with Rhino Snapshots? When save views directly from Enscape window, it creates 'named views' in Rhino. In order to hide/show certain objects in each scene, 'snapshots' has to be used. (please let me know there's another way)

    Hopefully if gets implemented soon. I thought View Sync was to reflect the view on Rhino. When I use 3dconnexion in Rhino, Enscape window doesn't change. I have to use a regular mouse in Rhino to change the view slightly for Enscape to update the view.

    I see. I'm afraid but, this should very well be a problem resolved with 2.6 or 2.7 already - in this case you can try a full clean re-install (if that is possible even) to see if it helps, otherwise maybe you have the chance to tell your department that an upgrade would be very vital? In general because I'm sure you want to use the new features as well.

    I use 2.7, but Enscape material is not reflected on Rhino material palette. I just assumed it's not supported by Enscape.

    I was going crazy why can't assign different materials on each surfaces. With Rhino 6, each surface in polysurface can be selected with Ctl+Shift click. Then, I should be able to assign different materials. However, Enscape doesn't show it. Is it not supported?

    We can read the FoV information out of the CAD solution you're using, but we cannot write the FoV from the Enscape Settings into the CAD itself since that is technically not possible. This hasn't changed with 2.8 either I'm afraid, our hands are tied here.

    The "view synchronization" feature is also often being used to allow for the same viewport outputs in both Enscape and the CAD, so that objects and such can easily be moved/edited among other things, and there is no need to navigate to that spot in both Enscape and the CAD.

    Okay, I understand. If I want to use Batch Render, I have to:

    1. turn off View Sync

    2. set up a view on Enscape Window directly.

    It's not ideal, but at least I now see what's happening.

    However, I really hope that Batch Render file name only contains 'view name' without dates. I always use linked images for Photoshop. Batch Render keeps creating new file names; then links won't work.

    I can gladly file that as a feature request - although, can you simply not select any material even if it's one you don't want to edit, so that the window becomes larger afterward?

    Not really sure what you mean by "simply not select any material..." When the material window opens, it's tiny. The user has to scroll down to find a material. Since nothing on Rhino works when the material window is open, this window might as well be full screen to easily see all the lists of materials. Why open it so tiny?

    Goodmorning - Do you mean all the materials that appear in the list on the left hand side of the Material Editor window? Doesn't the scroll accommodate that?

    Essentially, you just want the ability to maximize the Material Editor window. Making the window 'large enough' is open to interpretation.

    When material editor is open first, the window's so tiny that you have to scroll through to find a material you want to edit. Once a material is selected, then the window becomes larger. It's not a huge deal, but I was wondering if it's possible to have the material editor open with a larger window even before a material is selected.

    I just realized that Rhino Displacement isn't reflected on Enscape. Is this still on agenda, and any idea when it would be implemented? Surely, one can use 'extractrendermesh'. But it's definitely not ideal.

    Enscape is already a good tool. But hopefully we could make it fit better for professional use.

    Okay, if the window has to stay on top stopping everything on Rhino as its Rhino's own limitation. Can we at least open Enscape Material window large enough so that I can see all materials? It doesn't matter if the window blocks views--it's not like I can do anything else.

    I'm a bit hesitant to try a preview as I'm working toward a deadline for a client presentation. Thank for confirming it's possible to batch render to match Rhino views.

    1. Can I do it with 2.7?

    2. There's no problem when rendering one by one. How can I force batch render to behave the same way as single rendering?

    3. Think found an issue here:

    I thought if I use "creates a named view..." from Enscape menu bar, batch render would match. That's the problem. When I create 'named view' using Enscape button, it create a completely different view from what I am looking at in Rhino view.

    Surprised to hear that other users are not asking for IES support. It should be a basic feature for any commercial renderer.

    Once Enscape Material window is open, it stops everything else until it's closed. Since it's cumbersome to open Enscape material window every time I need to do something with material, I'd like to have it open. Could you please let me know how to. Or is it limitation set by Rhino

    using 2.7.

    Thanks for the workflow link, but not sure if it explains or solves the camera relocation issue while batch rendering. Is there 2.8 preview version I can download, and does it solve the issue?

    With 2.8 preview version, could I batch render with only scene name in the file name without time stamp?

    Custom assets are now on the roadmap and I imagine (correct me if I'm wrong Demian Gutberlet ) they will roll it out to all Enscape flavors at the same time?

    In the mean time, for what it's worth, this workaroundto create custom assets works in all Enscape flavors that have the asset library (Sketchup, Rhino, Revit, ...)

    Oh my, thank you so much. I had no idea there was such thing. I will definitely try it very soon.

    Upvoted through your voice and through v-cube , as mentioned though, please be aware that this function may not be coming with our next update just yet.

    I'm surprised there's no Linked Object option. It's really like Rhino Enscape version is not a high priority to Enscape unfortunately. I wish I could upvote more than once.