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    Thanks Demian, I did a lot of research yesterday and learnt that I can access my files through icloud for windows so this may well be the solution. I will test out the mac over the next 2 weeks as I can return it in that time if things get complicated. Thanks again for your response.

    I prefer Macs, and I use Windows reluctantly. However, Dell has just release XPS 17". It has such slim bezels that it would be very similar size as MBP 16. With XPS 17, you can get RTX 2060 as well. I think it makes more sense for you to get a new XPS than Mac. It looks nice and clean unlike many other Windows laptop with serious graphic cards. Seriously, do gamers really like those cheesy and childish designs?

    Another bad thing Windows laptops are obsessed with, including XPS, is the nonsensical 1080 or 4k. Apple and MS have the right idea to keep their screen at 3k. 1080 resolution is too low, and 4k on laptop screen has no benefit but only downsides compared to 3k.

    It will be great if material can be adjusted. If not possible, at least adjusting brightness / saturation.

    Has anyone tried GTX 1650 Ti 4gb Max-Q? Surely it's not a capable GPU, but the new 15" XPS looks so fantastic with minimal bezel and 16:10 screen ratio, finally.


    The only questionable thing is the weak GPU. Not sure how well it'd handle Enscape. I have a desktop, i7-7800, 32GB ram with GTX 1070 Ti. It works fine with some lagging. I'm not sure how far 1650 Ti Max-Q would be behind 1070 Ti in the real world use.

    Dell also released 17" XPS with RTX 2060, but probably I don't want to carry a 17" laptop. I always missed using Apple laptops even though all programs I use for work are on Windows, but Dell is seriously making Apple laptops look really bad. Not just for value, for the aesthetics. I just wish MS bites the bullet and clean up Windows even if that means any legacy programs won't work anymore. But it's a totally different discussion.

    How secure is Enscape panorama viewer on a web browser? I suppose the image gets uploaded to Enscape server for it to be present on a web browser. The question is, once uploaded, can Enscape legally claim the image as its property? For work purposes, that would make this function unusable unfortunately.

    Are there other alternatives? I heard you can convert a panorama image to MP4 in order to upload on Youbute, but no online converter I found worked so far. Has anyone successfully integrated 360 panorama into say, PDF or Powerpoint (as dreadful it is to use Powerpoint)

    Is vegetation material shader available for Revit as well?

    I'm still not very familiar with Revit, but I wanted to try the same with the curtain made in Revit. I couldn't event find Enscape material setting window in Revit. I tried to use Revit's own material setting to change translucency, but I couldn't even make it as nice as SK curtain (I couldn't even make Revit curtain translucent at all actually)

    Ever since our Settings split up into two categories, you simply have to navigate into our General Settings -> Input -> Spectator Height

    I hope this is what you're looking for! :)

    Aha, thanks. That's strange the camera height is not with other camera settings.

    By the way, what 'spectator width' is supposed to do? I tried to change it, but couldn't see any differences.

    Not sure if I'm not just finding it, but since 2.7 I can't find the camera height. I think 2.6 there was a setting for camera height for 'walk mode.'

    I have to say the added two-point / orthographic view in Enscape is great. Unlike Sketchup now I can move, orbit in two-point. But I really like to know what height the camera is at if it's feasible, please. If that's possible, I see no reason to look at SK window to set up a view at all.

    It is usually used for leaves and plants in general. That´s why we decided on that name. :) So as with many other features when it comes to Enscape, this can also be used in an alternative way for curtains - another example would be using short grass as a carpet, I've seen that quite a few times now too.

    Glad for the tip. I still find it necessary to add some transparency texture even with Vegetation for sheer curtain, but using Vegetation for curtain didn't even cross my mind.

    I wish I could use the grass setting as carpet or rug. As soon as I saw the grass setting in Enscape, I tried it for carpets. However, it's way too exaggerated even with the smallest setting, I never use it for it (not even for shags). I know that there are already requests for it. Hopefully it gets implemented soon. Thank you

    iPad has really good graphics capability, and it's also getting mouse input as well. It will be such a huge convenience factor if Enscape EXE can be exported for iPad.

    Pardon if I'm misunderstanding something but, you activate two point perspective in SketchUp, but you want to then use the arrow keys without having to click on the Enscape window again to make it active, so that it can then receive the keyboard information?

    Thank you. I always appreciate how the team is very attentive to the forum and any questions users have.

    You understand right, but it's all good now that I know how to activate arrow keys with Enscape 2.7.

    I am still confused, however, Enscape has yet to have safe frame when 2.7 has all these new updates regarding rendering. Is Safe Frame just not included among the top priorities? Just genuinely curious.

    Vegetation material without transparency for sheet curtain is a good idea I haven't thought about.

    Thank you. (Is "vegetation" for that material setting the right name for it, I wonder?)

    I meant Enscape view window by "preview." If I have a SK scene with two point perspective, the Enscape view window won't recognize arrow. I have to click anywhere in the Enscape window to move around Enscape camera first; then I can use arrows.