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    For them to open the model in their licensed copy of SketchUp and then view it in Enscape as a render they would have to buy a licence for Enscape. You CANNOT give or sell a copy of Enscape yourself.

    Enscape has the ability to export the the rendered model (what you see in the Enscape render window) as an exe which you can give to the client, they will not require SketchUp or Enscape but the model will be for viewing only, they will not be able to edit it.

    Would the receipts need to have a dedicated graphics card to view the exe file?

    I'm pretty sure you're referring to the use of arrow keys on your keyboard, right? :) If so, check out our control and input knowledgebase article here:…scape-keyboard-shortcuts/

    yes it worked just fine with 2.6 but for some reason it’s not working after 2.7. That’s especially once a view has been saved.

    by the way, any chance you plan to remove the view list coming up when render is clicked? Also how do I keep safe frame to stay in preview?

    (You're not missing anything - the having to click an additional time has been mentioned several times, as has the feature request of simply making the 'safe frame' a toggle for the view. some discussion on this issue: [REQ] Batch Render 100+ Scenes )

    yeah, I remember discussing with one of Enscape team members why 'safe frame' isn't automatically shown in preview even after it's checked on (it could be just opaque not just black if the team doesn't completely want to block the leftover view). At least there was a way to keep the safe frame in preview before, now there's no way. I guess not many people care about 'safe frame'?

    I have been using Field of View as 0 with perspective view in order to render orthographic views with Enscape. Remembers the camera location just fine. I haven't tried the new orthographic view with 2.7, though. Perhaps you can also keep using Field of View as 0?

    Or is there another benefit of using 2.7 orthographic render?

    I am very confused what this new view list is supposed to do when clicking 'rendering'. The issue was, I shouldn't click one of the views on the lists, the issue doesn't happen if I just click 'render' on the view list.

    Since I was already on the scene to render, it doesn't seem to be needed to click 'render' one more time. Am I missing something on this new update? What isthe benefit/purpose of this change if you could please explain--I must be not understanding something here.

    (also, I can no longer have safe frame stay on the preview.)

    Thank you GWD. It's great work, and how nice of you to share.

    I have been using linked Enscape object quite a bit, and it seems your version is better as you can actually see some shapes, not just box lines.

    A question regarding #3:

    3. all instances of this component will be replaced by the low poly version and the Original component is saved in the same location as the SketchUp model.

    Can the original component files be saved in a sub folder inside the folder the SK model is saved? I tend to use tons of linked objects, and I'd like to keep the folder structure organized.

    I did something like it recently, Enscape water material looks great on horizontal surface, but as you said it doesn't work very well vertically. I just used PNG. It ended up looking just fine.

    Ah - just as I suspected. I was using an 8K texture for a terrain and it seemed to be downsampled.

    Unlike Vray, I find that Enscape renders very well even with low res texture images somehow. Now I rarely make texture images more than 1mb, which is great to keep SK model size small. Do you see that texture quality is downgraded too much?

    I'll very gladly forward that feedback of yours, to have a dedicated safe-frame even in the preview before clicking the "Render Image" button. :)

    Also, regarding what you wrote in the edit, that is exactly how it's supposed to work. Would you like us to adjust anything when it comes to that? :)

    Thank you very much. Now we can match the views exactly at any computers. The "safe frame" mystery has been solved (well at least it was a mystery for me)

    The first thing I was expecting when I had 'safe frame' on was, to see the safe frame in the preview. Probably it was my own fault for not trying, but I thought I can only see the safe frame when rendering because I had to click 'render.'

    Perhaps slightly grey-out is more difficult than complete black bar? Even so, you can just turn off 'safe frame' if you want to see more than what's in the actual view? Bit it's not like you can actually do any model editing in Enscape (that would be......oh my)

    Maybe it's just me, but I just didn't find it very intuitive. Now I know how it works at least. Thank you again for your patience and support.


    I think there's a bug with safe frame. Sometimes it doesn't show safe frame when clicking a render while 'safe frame' is on, it just renders an image straight out as if 'safe frame' were off. It usually happens when I try it the first time after Enscape view is open. i really think 'safe frame' should be shown automatically if 'safe frame' button is checked on.

    By the way, the Safe Frame, when enabled, appears before creating a rendering. While the black bars are visible, you can still change the camera perspective. This way you can define exactly what your rendering will turn out like, using the aspect ratio you've selected.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if there's anything left unclear.

    Could the safe frame still show in the preview, please? It can be slightly grayed out just to indicate it's outside of the frame; however, it would still be easy enough to adjust views.


    I tried the same frame again. It looks like when I click 'render' button once it shows the black bar. I can still adjust view. If I click 'render' bar one more time, then it actually exports a render image. Is that how it's supposed to work?