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    Thanks. I will try that.

    At work, several of us use Enscape. However, it becomes such a pain if someone else needs to render the same scene. Understand the difficulties as SK uses screen view as camera, the monitor size, tool bar set, etc will affect the render ratio.

    However, I also see there's a setting to customize render size (cannot figure out what the "safe frame" does at all. It only shows up when rendering, not Enscape preview. That's really useless "safe frame" feature unless there's something I'm missing).

    Has anyone figured out how to render the exactly same render ratio/size from any computer? Ideally everyone has the exactly the same monitor, same toolbar setup, same Windows bar location/size, everything. But at this moment it's a bit unrealistic. Hope there's another way. Perhaps using the advanced camera SK plugin?

    I have a lot of linked objects, but for some reason it lost the link. I can re-link, but there are quite a few.

    All the linked objects are in the same folder, is there a way to update all missing links, instead of re linking every single object?

    Thank you, Helen and Ted.

    Hopefully this gets implemented sooner than later. One of the huge advantages of Enscape is, as a real time renderer, it is relatively very quick and easy to make a rendered video. Enscape should capitalize on that.

    Is there a way to keep several video paths so that you can preview different videos in one file? (just like you can save different scenes)

    Not sure I'm being clear, but let me try again:

    Once I make different paths, I save them as separate path files. Then, I can reload one by one. Wondering if there's another way to keep different paths like scenes so that I don't have to reload each different file one by one.

    It sounds liked you already tried flipping the ceiling and grass, to no avail.

    How about you create a separate model with a plain and grass. Then, import the model and flip it in the main model?

    I haven't created VR renderings yet, and it's quite exciting to try out. We use 360 cameras at for site survey, and I find it very useful. Surely concept VR rendering will be useful presentation as well.

    Got some questions if you guys could help me understand better.

    1. Are there be certain VR headsets that can be recommended? and not to buy?

    2. Is it essentially 360 degree panorama rendering image that's viewed with VR headset?

    3. Can the VR user actually move around inside the rendered model (without physically moving in case the model is very big). If possible, this would be -- cannot find the right word but -- really really great.

    4. If #3 isn't feasible, can a VR headset be synced to the monitor in real time? I would control the camera movement on the computer, and the VR user just watches what I show them. (very much less cool than #3)

    As this was done for work, I'm not uploading the full rendering. However, here's how I achieved the effect. the chrome frame open box are made about two or three boxes in depth; then there's mirrored surfaced on the backside of the last open frame box.

    Inside each open frame box, there's thin linear emissive tubing goring around the frame. In the end, that's pretty much what I wanted to see.

    Someone mentioned 'endless reflection' doesn't work with Enscape. However, as I mentioned earlier two mirrors indeed reflected each other. What didn't work was the two way mirror.

    I was wondering if any of the dev team had any idea? When I tried it, it partially worked. The infinity reflection between two mirrors does work when I squeeze the camera between mirrors. However, it won’t show up on the front side.

    The front surface needs to be a two way mirror: transparent on the front and mirrored on the backside. Then, there’s lighting and the actual mirror.

    It appears currently the engine can’t render the two way mirror. Is this limitation that can be resolved in the future?