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    Hey Matheus Alcantara , you can very gladly send me the project at hand so that I can check if everything is normal regarding what is displayed in the reflections of the shared renderings.

    It may very well be completely normal though - it is indeed a balancing act of real-time performance and quality output. It's also greatly dependent on the perspective and amount/quality/detail of objects regarding which ones get displayed, which objects get only partially displayed.

    This is constantly subject to improve though and once we support RTX cards fully, reflections will also be improved too. In the not so distant future, we'll be able to display more and more objects in reflections, even if they're not on screen - since graphics cards become more and more capable of course.

    Hello, Demian

    Here it is:…43CwseRz/view?usp=sharing

    Hello guys!

    I've seen other threads but none helped me, so I'm starting this one... Forgive me if there's identical other threads around

    The issue I'm having is that I'm working on this bedroom model, and this closet has this door/mirror that won't properly reflect the model

    I tried a lot of different material settings, changing the render quality, resolution output, but none works...

    If you guys can tip me off on how I can achieve better reflections, that's would be great!