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    Hi Demian,

    Thanks for your fast feedback !

    I was not aware of the interface difference while in standalone. Actually, it will obviously makes sense to have a common interface across all enscape tools (standalone, in sketchup or in other software.

    Hi everyone,

    Long time user of sketchup and Archviz professional, I've been looking at enscape for a long time, and I must say that it's progressing at a really impressive speed. Congratulation to the dev team for creating such an amazing tool !

    After testing it quite a lot, I wanted to share a few ideas here, hoping that it could help it becoming even better :)

    - INTERFACE : it's honestly the biggest of Enscape flaw at the moment, and does not do justice at all to the power of the tool : Windows are very big, large, absolutely not resizeable, icons are rather outdated, and it take more or less all the space of the screen if you want to have a quick access to them all.
    I really think there should be a complete redesign in that area for Enscape to be friendly to use and have a contemporary look. Thea and Vray for example (even if they're far from being perfect in their interface) are using a "master" panel, with tabs that contain all the needed elements for the engine. Using collapsible sub menu is also a great plus, that allow the interface to be compact and efficient. The latest trending software, D5 render, got a really clear and nice interface, and I'm sure something a bit like that will make Enscape a lot more attractive.

    - LIVE VIEWPORT RENDERING : Thea and Vray are able to somehow "insert" their rendering window inside sketchup viewport, with a line overlay. Could Enscape get something similar ? With your instant export and speed of render, it will make sketchup modeling a whole new experience !

    - FAKE BEVEL : Lumion and Thea are now able to render fake bevels, simulating small round edges quite efficiently, and it help a lot making a render more realistic, with no additional modelling. Having this in Enscape will push realism even further.

    Hi Tomtion,

    You're doing a really impressive work. This scene and the Shining one are really great.

    I'm currently looking at Enscape and trying to see how well it performs, but I cannot get such results with artificial lighting.
    Would you mind sharing the detail of your lighting setups ? Are all the light fixtures emissive surfaces ?

    By the way, with the demo, it's not possible to output images, and so I don't know if the final results is better than the interactive preview. Do you get the same result in both case ?

    Thanks in advance.