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    Thanks for all the feedback. I don't see a reason why we couldn't/wouldn't provide VR capable Web Standalones in the future which also take external Bluetooth controllers as input device. Our Web Standalones in general are still being improved further and further with time - we're adding more features and improvements pretty much constantly. :)

    As blutetooth controllers are an extra gadget both to buy and setup (it ain't that straightforward!) I'd recommend usingt the tap-drag joystick feature that already works. Although you cover part of the screen while doing this.

    Also adding a feature like the Google Earth VR like feature of magnet clicking to move forward in Cardboard-views. You can't strife or move up/down vertically.

    But you can always turn around to go back, up and down. It's simpler to implement and is tested and works. It might even be familiar.

    Even a simple working movement controll to begin with would be much better thatn it is at his point.


    I have tested how web standalones work on my Samsung Galaxy smart phone. Surprisingly it did pretty well, although my phone is not very high performing.

    To test it, mail yourself the weblink and open on your phone or tablet in a webbrowser that supports the gyro on your device. On my Samsung phone it only works on Samsungs own internet browser.

    What already works is:

    You can move forward and sideways like with a joystick by pointing at the screen and moving your finger up/down (forward/backwards) left and right (strife). You will move in Flymode in the direction you look.

    There are menu items that block part of the view when you start the web standalone. The settings-menu don't react to taps, but with some difficulty I managed to minimize it.

    I had to allow rotating the view to manage to click the minimize-tab in vertical mode.

    Some "small tweaks and fixes" could make it work quite well.

    1. Make the menues react to tapping and dragging.
    2. The movement control could have the graphic representations for the desktop keys react to taps and a discrete tab to open when minimized.
    3. Double-tapping could move to the point tapped.
    4. You can't control Time of Day. For some reasons all my standalones are stuck on pre dawn. You could tap-drag the right-mouse-button sideways to change (see point 2).
    5. You can't toggle Fly Mode. Tap the FlyMode-field top right could work.
    6. There could be a split-screen button so it would work in Cardboards. In there movement could be controlled like Google Earth is in Cardboards. Use the magnet-button to stop start movement.

    I know that tablets and handhelds are not priorities, but I think some small improvements could make it a feature! The standalones could be demonstrated on a go without setting up advanced VR-systems. More people could watch the scenes simultanaously etc.


    Right now transparent/transluscent materials in Revit must be changed or they look like glass.

    The best I have managed to make semitransparent textiles so far is to use cutout and weaved-fabric opacity-maps. This does not produce transluscent shadows but looks better than transparency. It may result in moiré-patterns though.

    It is possible.

    I just answered about what works with Web Standalone-exports and not in this thread:

    viewing vr on iPhone / google cardboard / Samsung Gear?

    As far as I understand bluetooth VR-controllers would not work with the web standalones. But there's a joystick-like tap and drag mechanism to steer with. But you can't change from fly mode and other drawbacks. Read more in my other post.

    About watching a desktop standalone you would need a thirdparty applicatione that streams video to your handheld device. Trinus VR is a such. But I don't think stereo would work with that from Enscape. A bluetooth VR-control might though.


    1. Hello, I know I can show panoramas. The problem is that you can not allow a virtual tour through the mobile. Or is there a way?

    There's limited support to show web-standalones uploaded to the cloud from Enscape,

    If you mail yourself the weblink and open in a webbrowser that supports gyro on your phone.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy and it only works on Samsung s own internet browser.

    You can move forward and sideways like a joystick by pointing at the screen and moving your finger up/down left and right.

    There are menu items that block part of the view when you do this. The settings dont react to taps, but with some difficulty I managed to minimize the settings menu. I had to allow rotating the view to manage to minimize the menu in vertical mode.

    There is no support for this feature on tablets and phones. You can't control time of day and leave fly mode and some other obvious drawbacks. But it works to some extent.

    I'm here at his forum right now to suggest some improvements that could make web standalones actually work on simpler handheld devices.
    Just reading through previously answered posts first! :)