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    we are looking into Enscape as a tool to be used by our customers in their design process together with our VR treadmill (Omnideck). We have tried Enscape and it seems to be a very suitable candidate.

    We are wondering if it would be possible to have an option to completely disable the forward looking direction when locomotion is driven by the left controller track pad?

    It would be really useful to be able to move through a corridor and look to the left/right into adjacent rooms without having to touch the left/right side of the touchpad (to strafe).

    When a user is on our treadmill their looking direction and movement direction are completely detached - as when you walk normally in real life :)

    Today, if a user would use Enscape on our treadmill, when they first look and move north all is fine, however for example when they begin looking to the left while still walking north the Enscape camera moves to the left (west). Thus the actual physical walking direction (north) is in conflict with their looking direction (west).

    Therefore we wonder if it is could be possible to disable this option in a coming release?

    If it is of any help we have extensive knowledge in openvr driver development.

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    CTO Omnifinity