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    I added a link in the prior comment. Read it

    Was that directed at my post? What am I missing? "companies making under $1 million USD in annual revenue."

    Like I said, sure, maybe free for individuals. Any architecture firm with more than a handful of people will have over $1mil in revenue.

    License fees ONLY if you make more than $1mil per year. All under have no fees. It will be free to use.

    Maybe for individuals. Any architecture firm will be paying for it. (or you pay for Revit and get TwinMotion "free" - if that partnership still holds.....)

    2. Users are asking for features that Enscape may not be designed do do:

    - Animated Assets

    - Light Beam Effects

    These kinds of features are not possible in Enscape and will require another specialized application (similar to Lumion, Twin Motion, D5, etc.). If these kinds of features are important use the best tool for the job. One tool may not do everything required.

    Regarding animated assets. My understanding is that core technical decisions were made early in the development of Enscape that emphasized lighting, materials and speed without the need for manually exporting. When you make changes in the design application it automatically updates with in Enscape. This trifecta of speed, quality and ease of use is a real advantage for using Enscape.

    Perhaps a forum admin could put these points in bold, as a sticky somewhere.

    Longtime users know how groundbreaking Enscape was when it was released, and still nothing matches it for ease of use. Any designer from any application can produce a rendering with virtually no effort. It is essentially a by-product of the work they are already doing in Revit, Rhino or Sketchup. Other solutions that link a model to a standalone app require learning yet another piece of software. (And for whatever reason, all those apps seem to have pulled their interface from some other planet, rather than using any standard practices for decent interface design.) Sure there are things you need to "learn" in Enscape to make renderings look better, but getting a basic, decent image out of it is trivial.

    For new users, if these are the features they were looking for, I'm not sure why they chose Enscape. It isn't going to fill 100% of your rendering needs. It is for filling 90% of your rendering needs with much less effort.

    We have no intention of purchasing Rhino 8 before the two programs are thoroughly tested and integrated with each other.

    You might consider upgrading while there is still a $200 discount available. (or at least buying the licenses, even if you don't install it - you can run both 7 and 8 concurrently.) You know support is going to come eventually, and McNeel is practically the only software that still charges per release instead of a subscription model. It's not likely to get any cheaper. Unless you want to dig in with Rhino7 and an outdated Enscape until Rhino 9 comes out.

    Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros (

    Rhino Upgrade – ArchVision®

    Would it be a stretch for Enscape to provide its own procedural material building/editing to compensate for the loss in functionality?

    Yes, it is kind of a huge ask. That is part of the "artistry" of rendering - figuring out how to create seamless textures without obvious repetition. A procedural texture generator is not going to allow you to create a "randomized" version of a specific manufacturer's carpet tile anyway.

    There are a number of tools/PS plug-ins that help create "seamless" textures, but since manufacturers never provide a large enough sample size, when you feed the sample in it just gets even more repetitive.

    Look into the Adobe Substance suite to create procedural and large seamless textures. With developments in AI it is probably going to get a whole lot easier very soon.

    The original and follow-up posts seemed to be complaining about the Enscape and Skp images not aligning. If you want edges rendered, do a Sketchup render and overlay it on the Enscape render in PS. Keeping a square aspect ratio will help with that. Granted, this is a workaround to the issue of Enscape not rendering the edges you want, and is not a one-click solution.

    this request has not much sense to me..... At this point use D5R! that is free for personal porpouse and pro for commercial projects.

    +1 - just use the alternative software if that's what you want. For Enscape to add moving people and cars it would need to be a standalone program. Which defeats the purpose of Enscape. Not to mention that pre-canned animation looks horrifically robotic anyway.

    On Windows, it is pretty simple to equate specs to performance. Much "squishier" on Mac.

    With the unified memory, can the GPU use as much system RAM as is available? (ie, upgrading to a 128GB Mac would (sort of) get you a GPU with over twice the VRAM vs Nvidia's $10k 48GB RTX6000 Ada.)

    Do GPU cores relate linearly to performance? (ie, does the 40 core GPU get you over 2x the frame rate vs the 18 core GPU?)

    The web version is by necessity a simplified version of the model.

    The .exe standalone (and Enscape in general) is reliant on the GPU for rendering. The web version needs to be compatible across many platforms and lower-powered devices, with the idea that it can be viewed on hardware that is not typically Enscape-capable. As such, compromises are made on quality.

    So yes, it is normal. : )

    Does your IT dept have a preferred vendor (Dell, Lenovo, etc) or are they open to anything? Assuming they don't want to build a workstation from scratch, some sort of pre-configured gaming desktop w/ 4090 would offer the best performance.

    CPU: If you are doing any CPU rendering w/VRay then a Threadripper would be "best" but assuming you are sticking w/ GPU rendering, you probably want AMD 7950X3D or Intel 14900K (or a hair under those if you want to save $)

    GPU: The market for 4090s has gotten wonky with the AI boom; it is easier (or a better value at least) to get one in a pre-built system vs buying ala-carte. If you need to stick with the nvidia "pro" cards, then an RTX 4000 Ada would likely be the best option. Note, it seems like Nvidia is purposefully obfuscating their naming conventions at this point.

    P4000 - past time to retire.

    RTX4000 - functional but VRAM limited (8GB) compared to newer cards.

    RTX A4000 - great card, 16GB VRAM, but a generation old with the release of Ada.

    RTX 4000 Ada - generally no reason to buy anything else in the "Pro" lineup. This is relatively new, and you may need to make sure it is getting configured properly on the various vendor websites (it's not always clear if you are getting this or the SFF version.)

    GeForce RTX 4090 - lots of options but requires a "gaming" setup with high PSU specs.

    RTX 4000 Ada SFF - low-power compact version of 4000 Ada - avoid unless you want a small box that could be taken between work and home. The Lenovo P3Ultra is pretty cool if you configure with Intel 13900 + RTX 4000 Ada SFF.

    RTX 5000/6000 Ada - $$$ - only consider if you are doing absolutely massive scenes.

    STORAGE: I tend to configure systems with a C drive for system + libraries and D drive for projects. This is not really necessary with modern SSD/NVME storage (as compared to older HDDs) but I also like having two drives just for doing quick internal backups with important project files, in case one SSD dies.

    RAM: Probably get 64GB. 32GB tends to be limiting these days if you are doing large Revit models w/ Enscape.

    Hi Christian, a customer of ours recently brought this thread to our attention. My understanding is that Steve Baer has been working with your team on all the Rhino 7/8 related issues. Can you tell me more about where we're at with this? We thought we'd handled all the issues reported by your team...

    Brian Gillespie

    Rhinoceros Development

    Robert McNeel & Associates

    Christian Radowski - Well this just got more interesting. does not look like a device for heavy 3D applications.

    Many of us would say the Mac ecosystem in general does not look like it is well-suited to heavy 3D applications, yet Enscape has been devoting plenty of resources to Mac development.

    Of course, we all need to see what the device is capable of when it ships. But in my mind, Apple Vision Pro support seems like a logical extension of the work Enscape has already been doing on Mac. If there is a path to the holy grail of designing architecture in VR, the AVP appears to have more potential than any of the clunky tools VR has offered so far.

    - Does the new PC crash on -any- pano image with this project, or just once you cross a certain resolution threshold?

    - Can you render panos from other projects on the new PC?

    - What are the specs on the "old" PCs?

    - As Kaj mentioned, please verify all Enscape settings are identical between PCs (especially hardware ray-tracing, etc)

    - Also verify drivers and Enscape versions are the same (not necessarily the very latest.)

    - Are Windows versions the same with updates applied? (type "winver" in the task bar search.) Is there a chance the old PCs are on Win10 and the new one is Win11?

    - Please define "hi-res" textures in terms of pixel dimensions.

    - Size in sf isn't particularly relevant, it is about the amount of detail, textures, number of lights sources, etc.

    Of course, ideally all of that should not matter, but we need to identify possible differences between the systems.


    No one ever thought about that?

    I've gone the opposite way, making the model much smaller in order to get "taller" grass.

    For carpet textures, you might also break the floor into multiple pieces. I've seen interior designers map entire office floors with one carpet layout from Illustrator (since there were some unique elements, and not just a repeated 2x2 square or whatever.) Since Skp, Revit, and Enscape all tend to downscale and not use anything over 4k anyway, it did not look great...

    Will be curious to see if/how it effects the lighting, please report back!

    Returning to the 3.4 way of exporting geometry is out of the question

    Out of the question from development time? Or out of the question as a matter of pride?

    As many have repeated here - 3.4 worked. 3.5 is broken and unusable. Rhino had nothing to do with that.

    Has anything significant changed under the hood on Rhino's side from v7 to v8?

    It should not be out of the question to provide some sort of working solution to customers. If that means sucking it up and taking a few weeks development time to create a patched 3.4 version for Rhino 8, maybe that is something to consider. Maybe it won't be built on the latest and greatest Enscape, but at least it would let people use Rhino 8.

    1 - Our fixes are in effect in the latest version and there is a definitive performance boost

    2 - That issue was not fixed even in the latest Rhino 7 or 8 version unfortunately.

    3 - By the time we are ready to release a preview with Rhino 8 support it might be fixed... (fingers crossed).

    I think this is muddying the waters even further....

    1 - When you say latest version, are you talking about 3.5.6? Or an unreleased internal version?

    2 - This seems to be in conflict with #1 - if the issue is not fixed in Rhino 7 or 8, how can the fixes be "in effect in the latest version?"

    3 - "Might" be fixed with fingers crossed....? So even with Enscape 4.0 you are still reliant on McNeel fixing something on their end before it works?

    Case is logged in our system but the team is waiting for your logs apparently.

    Emails received from log submissions: If you would like me to zip them all and upload I can do that instead.

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    1. Please give the latest Rhino and latest Enscape version a try, we had to work on both sides Enscape and McNeal,

    to improve some of these issues and we did ship the improvements with the last update

    2. If your issues still persist we need your projects and logs or we cannot fix the issue for your particular case.

    I have done all these things. No improvements in the latest updates. I sent an example file and tons of logs. This is easily replicable, and I would be happy to jump on a call if needed to walk through it or see things first-hand.

    Phil Read opened the ticket originally on Nov 10 - 173514

    It is a large file, but all worked fine in 3.4.4