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    Painting is from a series of painting from an artist which I am staging its canvas for selling purposes on the web. Yes well I wanted to take out the wild side of the painting with the tropical background

    Exterior view of a 48 + condominium project.

    Only thing I find hard to work with (everytime) is the clearcoat, see the BMW how its spotty? same for the Wrangler... but the Tesla and the Porsche are ok so it seams it happens to clearer colors... idk

    **Only post production is the lense flare/sun glare

    Also there is still a bug with the line light, it shows three distinct spots at ends and center... so not a line so much. Wondering if it happened to anyone as well.

    I know, but its not a problem if you assume that Enscape does not work with 2 point perspective, thus using the 1 degree for the field of view. its only a matter of entering the value instead of switching to 2 point perspective. But I understand that it works better with plans

    robinchs save to file does not autosave so it only is what saved file, which you should probably rename template? I guess.

    If all this is true, then the good workflow would be to always save to project. But thing is if I want to reuse this exact setting in another project, how complicated does this sound, I would have to save it to file, then open the other project and load it from file, then save it again into the project ?

    In a fixed setting I am very happy with the performance of my Vive Pro with wireless adapter. No cables to worry about or clients getting tangled up.

    At client locations I am trying the Oculus Quest streaming wirelessly from the laptop. Thanks to the inside out tracking there is no need for basestations and cables and stuff. Much easier and faster to deploy. Unfortunately the trigger button does not work as it should. Enscape is currently looking into it. This would be the ideal solution.

    Hey I got myself the Quest but, I don't really get how you stream it? I mean I can stream my desktop, but I can't fully walk around like I would with the rift am I right?

    Thanks for your report, sorry to hear about that.

    That should not happen of course - have you made sure you're running our latest release? Any chance you could send me the project accordingly for me to check out, or a project with which you experience this problem, in which you saved your corresponding settings?

    Just to make sure I get it correctly: You open up a project, you make adjustments in the Visual Settings -> Save them into the project -> then when you open the project again after closing and also loading the setting from file, some things / everything is not properly saved?

    So I open a SU file, then I load the according presets from file, I work the settings, during my modeling and rendering and I save my SU file, but when I come back a day later and reopen that SU file, reload the presets, the preset is not saved, why though? We never had to save the preset per say? Should I save my SU file AND my preset file EVERYTIME ?

    I can send you everything, it's something like the fifth time I uninstall and reinstall your latest version. I'm so tired my renderings are always different everytime I reopen the whole thing, it sucks, I lose time, my clients lose money, the software feels buggy, it's no fun

    Why do we have to save our settings EVERYTIME we close our Sketchup, I save to file and everytime I close my SU file even if I save it, the settings are appart from it... I don't get it so much,

    customization is the same for all projects, settings don't update when you load the specific file, you have to load it anyway. so not a big change in time consuption