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    I don't know for scotland but in Canada you don't need an assistant to screw down a tv within a locked cabinet with an attached controller. They literraly have it at any game stop at the mall. I'm not talking VR, most people could not work with that giving the fact that what, not even 0.1% of population have tried it once. But I'm talking about a controller based station, that would let "customers" navigate safely (with the borders or disable fly mode).

    Oh and, don't worry, if someone is willing to pay for that service, its because they can save on a salesman or an assistant to walk them the house or the condo, its literally to save money over hiring someone to book at unknown time, visits or walkthrough of renders on a wall. Its really more to showcase a Condo within a trailer right in the street. Believe me condominium building owners pay for that and they won't bother buying another 400$ TV, its not even a working week for an actual employee. Anyway, enough technicallity I won't give you my business plan ;)

    But I think you get it.

    ** VR is not dumb proof, but there would be a way, actually. But even then we need a disable flymode or whatever borders. Its the experience. It has to be fluent otherwise customers will remind of the problems they had with the tour, they will link it to general problems unconsciously. We need something stable to pitch. Something you can just walk by and genuinely understand and be satisfied by.

    dvsone1440 I'd agree if the client was one person. Lets say: (my ultimate example which would unlock me dozen of opportunities) if you install a booth in a showroom for an immersive visit for literally ANYONE to try, yea if someones there to explain the view thing and how to reset the flymode if lost, I'd agree. but its not self sustainable don't you think? For anyone.


    At one point around january I almost stopped using enscape because of the reflections from metals and mirrors, so I uploaded a ton of screenshots on different days and they did something about it. I think the thing is that its not because we're polite by waiting that we'll reach a better software, I think we need to show concretely in what way it is essential to improve or implement a specific something and to not let go.

    So I was wondering if since the first requests, there was a possibility for disabled flymode in .EXE files.

    I have so many clients that are asking it and I just can't give them since if a customer goes into flymode it would be difficult to sell the product knowing its not an easy workaround for someone who never used enscape and will only use it once probably... (example: a model house visit for on site selling...)

    Here you can see the problem I get when I move the IES from the wall, it shows a weird rectangle shadowed... On top of the light ray. But it happens with any kind of IES, thing is, all the spotlights on the perimeter are the same spotlight, so those on the white curtain are closer to the curtain, those on the texture wall panel are further away.... It happened to me quite a couple of times

    Demian Gutberlet would you consider something though, a fast workaround could be to be able to change Rendering Style Mode from none to a totally new Material Mode. You already have that power implement for material export images, but if you could set a Mode for it we could export 2 mp4s to help masking in post-production on Adobe AE and track the colors.

    I think that'd be very less time consuming for you to implement, and a way to give the possibility to the users to work with mp4s to go further with Enscape.

    So much thing could be done with this such as changing backgrounds, specific tuning, blend modes, idk tell me if that would be possible.

    I had the same encounter last month and when I had the request to add a specific mask for my promotional vid I had to turn down the request because it was close to impossible to hand mask what was needed, and also impossible to start over on lumion. So I think that Solo is right, there should be something added, since they worked on the UI for exporting videos which as gone pretty good, I mean its a full thing, you don't get to add complex features without looking at the big picture and I think that it even would be a very competitive move toward Lumion to do so...

    "You used to do this in the V-Ray for SketchUp forums too. If a feature request you made or comment you posted, wasn't responded to fast enough for your liking you would get bent out of shape. You're not the only one who does this kind of stuff, but your comment caught my eye today. "

    "So, in the future, I would suggest you post more constructively, because the only one here wasting your time is you."

    "Dude, push for the feature all you want. Don't be a jerk when you do it."


    Literally being a "jerk" by falsely and openly diminishing to end the conversation or even prove a point? ...

    Anyway, I don't want to overstep but solo has been giving more than useful feedback to enscape dev team for so long... I know the dev team have its own agenda but I also think that key features should be looked at. Enscape is at a point where it starts to compete with the big ones like Lumion and I think that in order to generate new users its important to bring features that comes in the same range/or better as its competitors. Also, the "greater" community which is the one enscape is aiming as you make it sound, is probably not the community that actually sends reports, feedback and useful insight on bugs and fixes required. they are probably not those who contribute the most to this forum also.

    Just a thought Solo in the mean time can you work around it by exporting 2 mp4s

    - One original

    - One with a plain color found nowhere else in the model

    Where you could post-process it with a tracking mask? I.E.: After effects

    So I've encountered something twice with thise project. When I take a shot from an object in front of another object which both are at a different transparency setting, they will nul themselves. I also found that if you create the same superposition but its foliage over glass, the foliage inverts....(the living room on the plant in the middle of the scene, there is a glass bowl behind it)