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    Hi Demian,

    Thank you, I submitted an official feedback form through the application where I copied the text from this thread. Can we still keep this open?

    Maybe other users are experiencing similar issues. Thanks again!

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    We are using the Enscape-plugin for SketchUp and are experiencing some issues in performance. We have acquired quite an expensive laptop with specs that I believe should be more than sufficient (we also wish to use VR later on), but it still seems the system is struggling with the software. We are using the Dell XPS 17 with 13th gen. i7 processor, RTX 4070 GPU with 8GB memory. Everything works fine in SketchUp until we launch the Enscape extension. Once it's loaded and we move the mouse or the arrow keys to 'walk around', the GPU-usage in task manager will immediately jump to 98-100%. A few seconds after we're standing still again it will go back to idling at around 12% until we move again. When it's peaking, it's also very noticeable in the performance of the software, the framerate drops dramatically and the whole application just feels choppy.

    The weirdest part is that we know it can work fine. We've had a situation a couple of weeks ago where walking around in Enscape worked great, very smooth, good framerate and GPU only peaking to about 20-30% when moving around. We have no idea what changed in the meantime, I don't believe there were any major updates for either Sketchup or Enscape. We have updated to the latest Nvidia drivers from the website. We've checked the usage for dedicated GPU in Nvidia control panel (where you can force the use of a specific GPU per application). Sketchup is on version 23.0.419 and Enscape is on version Attached an example screenshot of Enscape and task manager. Even lowering graphical fidelity hardly helps, if I put it on "average" it will still constantly peak to 85-90 percent. The laptop is always plugged in a power outlet when using it.

    As seen on the screenshot, even the 'onboard' GPU (Iris Xe Graphics) is jumping to 28%. It also doesn't seem to matter whether it's a huge project or a small one. Regardless of size, it will immediately confiscate the graphics card with near 100% usage. Can anyone give us some advice on what to try? The most frustrating part is, as mentioned above, we know it can work perfectly fine... We are currently trying to disable the antivirus/antimalware program which was recently updated, hoping that might do something. Thanks in advance for any tips.

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