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    I work on a HP Zbook G6 with the RTX 5000 graphics card.

    When I open Sketchup I get the message that hardware acceleration is not supported on this card (although NVIDIA says it does).

    when opening a .EXE file that i exported from this sketchup file I get the message below.

    Drivers are up to date, I disabled the internal graphics card in the device manager and rebooted the system several times.

    What could be the case of this problem?


    I'm having the same issue with the HTC Vive Pro.

    For some reason the hand controllers are shown twice (one directly out of the HTC Vive Software, the other from the Enscape software).

    The hand controllers that are used in Enscape keep lagging, the HTC ones don't. (That's why it bothers me so much, you keep seeing 4 hand controllers)

    Maybe the most simple solution is to not have Enscape hand controllers and only show the hand controllers made by the HTC Vive software?

    Thanks in advance! :)