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    Hi, from the very beginning since I purchased Quest 2, my vision experience with Enscape has always been shaky and unstable. Browsed through the forum, I tried every possible solution, played with unchecking every box in general settings, lowered quality, tried different Enscape versions. Nothing works. Overall what you get is impressive, but you can't stand for more than a minute because of your vision shaking - makes you nauseous. It resembles some filter effect from the matrix-like movie when your vision gets shaky and partially distorted so that it is stylized to be "digital". The geometry gets literally vibrating. It happens even in draft settings in an empty file with one simple box, so it's not about the file complexity. My PC is a high-end one: RTX 3090, Ryzen 5950x, 64 GB RAM. Tested with the SimLab VR plugin, and everything works smoothly and steadily as it should. So it has to be something to do with Enscape specifically.