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    for our workflow we typically want to show the entire site as grass, then we use a Subdivive (previous Subregion) to add in our mulch beds and driveways and maybe walk pavers if needed. it would not work for us to not have that main material as grass. if you have another solution then i would like to hear that. Ive tried the suggestion from "rdh3t" and that although not perfect does provide the best results that i have seen at this point.

    are there any further advancements for this issue? In revit 2024.1 and Enscape 3.5.3. i have a lot that is in rolling area so there is quite a bit of difference in the elevation from the front of the lot to the rear. i have my toposoild with just a grass material and all contours set correctly. then i have a subdivide for the driveway with a thickness of 1" and assigned conc material. when loaded in to Enscape the grass is showing through the driveway. how is the correct way to handle this?