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    Hello, I have a 2020 mac air m1 and I am using SketchUp and Enscape. I am having several problems with the enscape.

    1. Textures are not looking as they should as you can see the couch is shinny like metal. I have messed with all of the enscape options roughness etc. and it does not change the shine. I have also changed the name of the material in SketchUp and it has not changed anything.

    2. The wall on the right side is also way too shiny but you can see a reflection of bright red and bright yellow in the wall reflection. The red and yellow were the base colors I used to apply the current texture. So I changed the underlying base colors and it still shows in the reflection.

    3. As stated above the wall looks like a shiny black metal I've tried to adjust this in Enscape and nothing works in addition I've changed the texture name in SketchUp and it does not change anything.

    4. In general this rendering looks grainy and unrealistic I assume the graininess is due to my having an m1 chip which is the bare minimum to run the program

    Any help would be appreciated