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    These are some good feautres!

    Material Library was long overdue, and I hope custome materials will be coming soon as well.

    I am also pleasantly surpriced for the Panorama Gallery. It would be nice if this feature is fully integraded with Enscape. E.g. to utilize the mini-map that enscape already has, so you can see where you are and which direction you are looking while in the panorama. Also batch rendering for the panoramas would be nice.

    What are the differences in terms of performance between having turning a Sketchup object into an Enscape Proxy vs turning it into an Enscape Custom Asset? This for a Sketchup object which is about 45MB on its own.

    Is it correct to assume that the Custom Asset would be better?

    Did you try the Quest 2 Wireless with Virtual Desktop? If yes, how does it compare?


    And panoramas, if I can figure out what happens to them after you make them!

    After you take them you can go to to "Manage Uploads" (toolbar icon that looks like a globe, or from the menu: Extensions > Enscape > Manage Uploads)

    From there you can upload them to "the cloud" (enscape servers) or download them (by clicking the 3 dots ...)

    Current limitations of the Web Standalone Export are:

    • Render Quality is equivalent of ‘Draft’ mode in Enscape Full version
    • Currently no fog or grass material is visible
    • Rendering of transparent materials is currently simplified
    • Currently, no support for Internet Explorer/Edge/Safari or iOS devices (iPhone, iPads)
    • Performance of larger projects may be of a lower quality than in the full version of Enscape
    • Enscape Settings are disabled
    • Favorite Views are disabled
    • Light View mode is disabled
    • Customization: Only Interface Overlay supported
    • Touch controls are currently very basic
    • A maximum file size of 500MB
    • No VR mode…se/web-standalone-export/

    OK, Thanks.

    Personally my speed related issue with the Asset library is how slow the library thumbnails load. Once I select an item from the library it loads very fast.

    So it would be best (for me) if the asset list along with the thumbnails were downloaded (cached) and then periodically synced, instead of having to download (and re-download) the contents of the whole library.

    I too hope that this issue will be resolved.

    Personally I am still using Sketchup 2018 since I didn't find a good reason to upgrade yet, but if Enscape drops support for SU2018 and my Space Mouse does not work with the latest Sketchup + Enscape, then it will be a big problem for me.

    Zoom Its usually due to the lack of GPU and CPU combined. I will have to upgrade to 2 graphic cards as the resolution of the quest is high enough to require that much power. Else it might be a ALVR problem as i never used that one in all honesty besides that Virtual Desktop worked fine for me and the random black on fast turn it happens even in a normal walkthrough via PC its something to do with re rendering light I think

    Maybe a combination of Ryzen 5900x (or even 5600x) together with an RTX3080 would be sufficient.

    Thanks. I am still with 2018 but I was thinking to download the 2021 trial to check it out.

    According to some review I saw on Youtube it seems that the files saved with 2021 are much smaller. A 400Mb project opened and then re-saved with SU2021, generates a file of under 100Mb. I don't know if this is just compression, or if they optimized their files in other ways, which were quite huge compared to obj or fbx with the same geometry.

    • About how much space does the current library take?
    • If I check the "offline assets" checkbox, will new assets download automatically? If not will I even see the "online assets", and how will I be able to download them also?
    • If I uncheck the ‘Offline Enscape Assets’ checkbox, will everything I downloaded be erased and need to be re-downloaded if I re-check that checkbox?


    It seems that currently you always need to do this with files brought into the asset generator.

    I believe this is the case because the Custom Asset editor ignores the units and interprets everything as meters. So if the objects was exported using any other unit, it will not be in the correct scale in the Custom Asset editor.

    Most probably Raphael's model was in inches, so 39.91 inches became 39.91 meters.

    39.91 inches is approximately 1 meter, so he can change the X measurement to 1, and Y and Z will be also automatically scale accordingly.

    Or, a better way in this case, in step 2, at the Export screen to click on the "options" button on the bottom and select "Meters" from the drop down menu.

    I moved from a GTX 1060 6GB to an RTX 2070, and to be honest I didn't notice any difference. I guess it is faster, and it has 2GB more RAM, but I don't think that RTX is doing anything particularly noticeable to the image quality.

    Now I turned RTX off in the settings and I rendered the same scene, but could not tell the difference.

    So probably only minor improvements in image quality and only under certain circumstances.

    Check the answer of Sean here: RTX vs NON-RTX

    You can use the numpads 2,4,5,6,8 to get the front, side or back view of your model.

    But we are aware that the discoverability of these keys must be improved.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Thanks. Unfortunately my keyboard doesn't have a numpad. Are there any alternative keys that can be used? (I guess I could use the on-screen keyboard, but that is not very convenient)

    I personally like the idea of being able to change the visual settings within Enscape. Most of these changes are usually done interactively, so I feel this would make our workflow easier.

    3.0 sounds like a major release. Apart from the improved UI, how about solving the mirror issues and providing a materiel library? 8o

    I imported a few items in the new Custom Asset Library. One of the things I noticed is that many of the imported items use a different unit (such as cm or inches) instead of meters, so I need to manually convert that into meters. And when I do so the object becomes very tiny or even disappears from view completely.

    So It would be nice to (a) be able to use other units (it would be easy for Enscape to internally translate those units to meters) and (b) to have a "zoom extents" function, to bring the object back into view when needed.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I tried the "decimate" function of Blender on some trees, but I couldn't get very good results.

    Skimp seems to be for Sketchup files. I guess I can import into sketchup, then export into obj and then import into the Custom Asset Library. I have Transmutr with which I can do something similar.