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    With the Corona we work at home by remote.

    Revit works fine but you can't start Enscape when you work remote.

    We had a few weeks a workaround by using Teamviewer. That had to be the free version for some strange reason (the pro we have official but that one does not do the trick) But that does not work anymore at the end of the free trail. (it was the free version?)

    Is there an other way to start Enscape while working from home.

    I know you would support us with a home license of Enscape but our Revit is still running at the office so that is not an option.

    We have to be lucky enough that there is somebody at the office to start Enscape at the moment...

    Kind regards Ron Wubbena

    Hello and a good morning

    Ik would like to have trucks and busses in the library.


    Also be able to put logo's on them to personalise the project to the costomer. In Lumion I had a few trucks I downloaded from Sketchup warehouse and they where not to bad. I was able to put the logo's of the companies on them.