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    Thanks Micha, this makes sense. We will see how we can implement that a checkbox for the light settings to disaböe specular.

    Has there been any serious improvement on this?
    I hear what you say about those lights being "fake" and what the principle behind Enscape approach is. However the reality is that using only the real light sources, interiors are always under-illuminated when the point of view is outdoors. These additional "fake" lights seem to be the only way to make it look realistic. I am working with an interior with large mirrored surfaces. i have added a grid of small rectangular light sources on the ceiling to mimic the interior lighting. Funnily enough, these light sources are not visible where they are, but still they produce a very sharp and neat reflection of their shape (the rectangle). If the reflection behaved as such, what you see when looking at the light source would be the same you see as reflection. That is not the case.
    Thanks in advance!