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    Is this issue going to have a solution ever? Seems like its been an ongoing issue for half a decade? I'm unable to use Enscape whenever I want to edit a revit family, which is pretty much everyday. I've disabled all other Reit addins, which had zero effect.

    Sending a Feedback report shortly.

    Literally the exact same issue had been happening for me as well with the newest version of Enscape. Rest Mode unchecked, video would stop after half a second without moving around in the model.

    I did figure out how to fix it though, I went back into general settings in Revit, unchecked Rest Mode again, and with the general settings window still open, went over to my Enscape window, and clicked on the rendering once. After doing that, I was able to close out the general settings window and videos began playing continuously!

    Demian Gutberlet just stumbled across this thread. This seems to be my exact issue as well. I've already submitted log files through feedback but never heard anything back. Enscape is critical to our workflow. Do you know what next steps are? I sent you a message as well.