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    I had tried that earlier but I'll show you how it worked here.

    This is with AE turned off and the manual exposure slid to 100. I still have the problem.

    Are there other settings I can look at? Since you got it to work without adjusting anything in the model, it must be a settings issue. (I've only had Enscape for a few months and YouTube only teaches so much)

    In case there is no solution to the problem, I'll show you my alternate solution with spots in case someone has a way to improve it.

    Here is my arrangement.

    I'm showing you here how I positioned the lower spots so the bottom edge is horizontal, so no light would aim into the pit materials.

    Then, since the spots aren't shining outward, I added these upper lights to shine on the faces of the 3 people I will add to the chairs, to make up for the lack of omni lights.

    Ideas for improving this alternate solution is also appreciated.

    I had the pit as an eggshell with no interior lining. (Yes, hot pink is my "back" color in SU. I always pick a color I don't like.)

    I made the pit a true solid with a surface for the embers.

    And the issue still exists.
    This pic is with the sphere lights I posted earlier:

    And this pic is with spots.

    As you can see, the sphere light makes the fire look better than the spots, so I hope there is a solution to this.

    Have you tried raising the light source up a little above the fire?

    Yes, it had no effect. This is the position of my sphere lights. I made sure none of the spheres were in contact with any faces or edges.
    Except that I need to remove some red in the flames, it really looks good. It's just that the firepit allows light to pass through in a very unnatural way.

    I just had a thought that maybe the pit is the problem. Going to try something..... Thank you for your response

    Hard to know exactly what I going on there. Can you isolate the file down to just an area where this is happening and share it?

    I'll do a saveas and remove several square miles of mountains and trees. I might not get it done today.
    In the meantime, I've replaced the spheres with spots that are angled the right way to avoid the problem. But I would like to solve this issue for other and future models

    Hi. I'm having the same problem. I've exaggerated the scene to show the issue. The only light source in this image is sphere lights close to the flames. So why aren't the sides of the firepit in shadow? I've had this issue with a lot of models but this is the model I currently have open.

    I know there are other aspects of the flames to work on, but this light bleed through is an immediate issue

    It's an big SketchUp file (252m), so the only way I can share it is with Dropbox.
    I'll start a new thread if no one responds, but no one responded to my last thread, so I deleted it.

    I looked for thread that covered this but the threads I found all said they were too old and I should start a new thread.
    I started the trial period but when I try to open it in SketchUp, it loads to 5% then the box comes up to select "continue evaluation, enter license key, purchase enscape". I click on "continue evaluation" because I don't have a license yet and a window opens up that looks like it's loading, then it disappears. I had my IT guy check my system requirements and they meet the "recommended" ones I found linked in your previous comments. I've also updated my drivers and it still happens. I'm certain I'll be purchasing Enscape once I know it'll load. Any suggestions?

    Using in SketchUp 2022. I can't find the Enscape version in SketchUp, but this is the file name I find in my download folder: Enscape-3.5.3+117852