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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    mlorenz , it would be fantastic to receive a dedicated feedback report from you please so that we can further troubleshoot this:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    I'm sorry you're experiencing this, but we'll be glad to resolve this issue as quickly as possible after receiving the report. Also, a warm welcome to our Forum! :)

    I'm sorry to say that I have had 3 reports of this issue today in my company, using both Sketch UUp Pro 2021 and Revit 2020. I have updated all GPU drivers and also done clean installs of Enscape but the issue persists.

    Let me know if you need some information from us.

    Thank you

    Hi Manuela,

    My company uses the Vive Pro. I would say don't bother with the Enterprise edition since that is just a services agreement in affect.

    On a personal note i would suggest go for the Oculus Rift S, or if you want to use similar budget to Vive Pro, get the Valve Index (who know, Enscape may make use of the controllers in the future). We have been experiencing issues with recent Enscape editions and Vive Pro and it seems we aren't alone and not sure where the problem is coming from (including poor/blurry screen tear, odd textures, low FPS, freezing/crashing) and yet it works flawlessly in games or other programs. Seems to be something about the two together that it doesn't like.

    I have had a similar issue with the Vive Pro where Enscape locks up if you try to turn off VR or close Enscape. They were looking into it for me as this was happening on a fully up to date system/software and using wireless or wired connection. I managed to reduce the crashing by completely removing the graphics drivers and Steam VR and then doing a fresh install of them. As you say, it works perfectly with everything else though which is odd.

    I am actually an IT technician so feel free to contact me if you want some help diagnosing the problem. It would also be good to know if you are having the same issue as us as it would show the problem may be more persistent in the Enscape/HTC Vive Pro relationship.



    Hi Masterdoddy did you check if the rendering resolution is set to 100%? See here:…ual-reality-headset/#vive

    SteamVR changed that some time ago to a value depending on what they estimate is sufficient based on the gpu you use, so you basically get supersampling when it's above 100%, but of course this is the most cost expensive way of anti-aliasing.

    Yes already followed these options and it makes no difference. I'm noticing the problem seems to be very pronounced when it comes to light shining through trees and the resulting shadows. If we are in a wooded area and look at the floor it smooths out considerably. It feels like fps is dropping to circa 10fps otherwise.

    I should also add that if you pause the VR session or close Enscape window it crashes Revit as well. I'll sort out some log files as soon as i can get in the meeting room as it is booked out today.

    Good morning,

    I know this was raised quite a while ago but I haven't seen if there has been any out come to the drop in perfomance when using the HTC Vive Pro.

    When we bought the Vive Pro last year (around July) everything on Enscape ran smoothly and clearly. However, since that time we have noticed a steady drop in performance in both clarity and smooth operation (including a "jiggling" controller, fuzzy surface textures at times, stuttering movement). We are currently using the Wireless Adapter, however that was only installed last month and we had this issue prior to that.

    We are running:

    i7 8700k

    32gb RAM


    500gb Samsung Evo 970

    Thank you

    A request from a few achitects here is for fallen or scattered leaves in the Asset Library. Handy when building a walled garden they say. Could this be added to the ever expanding library?

    Thank you


    Hi Both,

    I am experiencing the same problem, although we had the same problem on the wired setup as well. We have recently purchased the wireless adapter and the problem is the same so i don't think that makes too much difference.

    I have tested it on games such as Spider Man VR and other VR programs such as Google Earth and they all run as smooth as can be. I also checked the Custom Resolution issue and, while it was upscaling, reducing to 100% made no noticeable difference in Enscape.

    Have you had any response from HTC?

    Good morning,

    I was wondering if in a future release you could look at some realistic fire options such as you have done with grass and water (ideally with a look of movement when moving as with the water). It is something our architects are always asking for :)

    My apologies if i have asked this in the past, but something that i would love you to add to your roadmap is a network licence monitoring tool. As the system admin in the company it would be handy to identify who is using the floating licences we have (mainly for when someone "forgets" to shut down their pc and leaves it running, then aren't in the following day and hold a licence someone else could be using).

    Perhaps a short term solution could be that if you do the Render in Document option, the information is collected and displayed in Revit with to show "settings used" and you can quickly alter your settings to match.

    I'm thinking similar to how photographers often display camera and settings used alongside digital photos.

    It was submission was done through Anyone who submits feedback should have me as the correspondence email.

    As an additional issue we have come across, I have attached two images of the same scene. One on previous build (Enscape_V1) and one on the current (dated today) and the trees are behaving strangely. We have seen this at random on a few machines now. In this instance, the person who did the renders for me has an identical machine to his colleague next to him, all up to date with drivers and patches etc. so can't isolate the cause. Even tried a reinstall of GPU drivers and Enscape with no joy.

    I have a team member also experiencing this problem; he described it as Venom from the spiderman universe. All drivers are up to date. i'll speak to him and see if it is still happening and see if we can isolate anything that triggers it off and submit a report as well.