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    baking light/textures like in unreal engine to start enscape standalones on wireless low performance hardware is a very interesting suggestion!

    small mobile wireless hardware will never reach the performance of a desktop/workstation pc or a expensive notebook... this "MOBILE STANDALONE EXORT" function would be great. there are some examples out there with impressive graphic apps for quest2...

    given they can do a WEB standalone that basically works on any hardware, and the EXE standalones, I'm not sure why they haven't yet taken the proverbial bull by the horns!!

    Given what is possible with exporting both a web viewer and a standalone EXE, why isn't there an ability to bake in textures/lighting in enscape (unreal engine style) and then export a standalone file to the Quest 2 to open in some kind of enscape viewer?

    Put yourselves in the shoes of someone running a presentation. It's much more powerful to just hand the headset to someone for them to explore the model, than it is to bust out a laptop, fire up the model, fire up enscape, ensure Steam is running, troubleshoot any connection issues, etc etc. Especially if your revit model is on BIM360 and you have to prep/download/etc before you leave. It's the killer app we're all waiting for! Other coordination packages do it, but it's really basic on the viz side - Enscape is so good on the viz side, but it's missing this one feature that would make it the defacto standard for tethered and untethered viewing.

    can you clarify what you mean? if you save a view from enscape, and then apply filters, when you change views in enscape it will automatically apply those... i use design options in the same way - save the view i want, set up the design option, duplicate it, change the option, duplicate again... etc!

    I used to be a heavy Artlantis user, until I discovered Enscape - and it has a number of features that Enscape could make terrific use out of.

    Chief among them is the fact that View Settings should be View-Based. As it stands right now, FOV, render settings (resolution/proportion, clouds, etc) are all based on a single universal value that gets applied to all views. However, in a given project I often wish to have different views do different things - some views are best suited for a horizontal proportion, some for vertical, in some views i want the white engine but in others I want the materials, different backdrops, different cloud/lighting settings (night and day and dusk), etc... not to mention some views should be ortho, and others should be perspective!

    Is this possible, at all? It seems like the lighting settings are already possible since they are set in the revit View, but what about the rest?

    Totally understand that - thank you! :)

    To add to Jorgensen's comment, we also typically want a highly abstract symbol in drawings (especially for trees), but a detailed model in Renderings. So the new proxy feature is terrific! What isn't clear to me is:
    - do you have to link the asset for every file? and does the file maintain the proxy between different user workstations, like if a colleague opens the file?
    - does it link to families only, or types as well? To keep my revit files organize I like to have things like trees organized by species (family) and size (type). So all of my Maple trees from 15-45' are in one family. Can I specify the proxy to the Type level?

    Yup I completely agree - glad to hear that it is on the agenda.

    The enscape team might benefit from downloading a trial version of Artlantis - it does many/most of the things people are requesting, like transparent assets, all light/camera settings per view, ortho and perspective views, etc etc. It also has an incredibly intuitive method of applying materials, so there are a lot of great ideas worth borrowing/improving!

    RandyW - because we have to schedule this kind of thing in to the development sprint phases, before we even get to that stage we have to gather, analyse, and plan this kind of thing. It looks like this was requested Oct 23rd, so that is only just over a month ago.

    So, when it does become scheduled for development, then it will likely be included in the Road Map that you can always find here.

    You should probably include an "Updated XX/XX" note in that post... unless it actually dates to 2018?

    Pretty self-explanatory!

    I'm always saving screenshots and by the time I'm getting my rendering out I realize that oh, I forgot to change the default path. I grumble and navigate to the proper directory, render, and get back to modelling... go to save a screenshot again and, oh right, I forgot to re-set the default save directory! rinse/wash/repeat

    Would it be fairly simple to just have a checkbox in the dialog that lets you re-define the default path to wherever you navigated?

    I'm curious how you're finding the substance->revit workflow. Do normal maps look fairly decent in Enscape or does it still have a very static look? Normal map support was a huge plus when they arrived in Artlantis! I really want to build a set of contemporary architecture materials for Enscape/Revit for our office (ironspot/dark bricks, metals, etc) as they don't seem to exist in most commercial packages!

    +10 from me... i made a similar topic not realizing this was here!

    you cannot model this stuff in Revit - because of the way it displays things in plan/elevation it would be impossible to control lineweights if you did this... i tried it with a "curb" slab edge and my site plans were illegible, everywhere that had a radius didn't look right in 3D hidden line views, and chamfers made the curbs super-thick in site plan views.

    The Revit plugin is in dire need of this. Making a quick tweak to a material is a really laborious process, and it would be nice to be able to ferry settings between projects and computers in a really straightforward way.

    Lumion has it, Artlantis has it, so does a lot of other software... It would be great if there was a shader-specific chamfer/bevel/radius slider to soften facets and corners! It really helps renderings get to that heightened level of realism and away from the static/blocky look that is hard to avoid without really labour-intensive modelling.

    Here's a sample video of the Lumion setting:

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    Alright, I think we all know the problem here - Enscape doesn't output glass materials.

    Yeah, there's a workaround for getting them, by rendering the file, then changing the glass to solid, then rendering again, then changing it back. But that is, to put it bluntly... kinda stupid. And When you just need to make some tweaks to re-render again, it becomes a very tedious and time-consuming process.

    Why is this important? Well, let's be honest - if you're a revit user, not only is it a gigantic PITA to do the above workflow, but it's also tough to really nail your glazing shaders. Especially if you want something translucent, which enscape can't do - so we often layer over it in photoshop to try to achieve the same effect.

    I read in a previous thread that there are issues with doing it in the regular MaterialID export so... why not just give us an additional export? It could be just the glazing materials, or it could be the whole materialID file but with the glazing turned on instead of the materials behind. I can definitely appreciate why we would want both, because we do a lot of glass balconies and we still want to be able to color-select the materials behind the railings... but including that extra export would really help one of the biggest pain points that we and other users experience on a daily basis. :thumbsup: