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    This is a wishlist item which I had been floating past your team and Mr. Schander a year or so ago. At the time, Bigscreen VR had support for Leap Motion and the question was could a VR Keyboard be implemented using Leap or similar. The consensus was no. The only option was something like Logitech Bridge.

    To recap the conversation, Enscape is the only VR renderer which updates live and where realtime feedback and manipulation of the model is possible. As an architect I can tell you that what I really want to do is live in it. I want to be able to work on the model from the inside. The flow you get while immersed is unreal. You walk around inside the project and constantly want to fix things. But right now you can't touch it. It's immensely frustrating. I have gotten the same impression from other architects. We all want to be able to fix stuff and do stuff inside Enscape without taking the headset off. Just like these guys can with this robot.

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    Note the software interface floating next to the user allowing them to user their regular tool palette in VR. Substitute Revit on the Windows Desktop for that, then make the robot 60 meters tall and get inside it and you have what I want.

    All the parts for what I am talking about are there now whereas none of them were a year ago. The Samsung Odyssey has high enough resolution to be able to read the screen on a virtual desktop. I have used Revit while inside Windows Home as well as inside Bigscreen. It works fine.

    Enscape now supports Windows MR through Steam so I can use the Oddysey and that works great too !

    The only obstacle was not being able to see the keyboard and it appears that Logitech has solved that now.

    I am asking you guys to put these things together. A floating Virtual Desktop window in Enscape that I can open to see Revit, and the floating virtual keyboard which will allow me to use it while inside. I swear that there is a large segment of your users who will never turn Enscape off again after that. Starting with me.

    All the best !

    Jean-Frederic Monod

    Sarasota, FL

    Hi ! Do you mind if I piggyback on this ? I use Enscape with Oculus and Revit with a GTX 980 Ti. I am looking at getting a more portable rig with a 17" Sager Latop w/ GTX 1080 & Core i7 8700 ( and switching the Oculus to a Samsung Odyssey HMD. I'm going for the Sager because of the number of USB connections which will also allow connecting the Oculus with 3 trackers for roomscale.

    Hume's specs sound pretty similar so would you mind sharing what was causing the lagging problem ? Is it Sketchup or something to do with the HMD ?