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    Capung , I really do not perceive any lag/stuttering in that YouTube video of yours - I suspect it boils down to your machine (more specifically GPU) which is perhaps not powerful enough to handle 60 FPS + Full HD videos, even though it should, so it might be a driver / codec problem. May I ask, you perceive lags both when viewing the video on your machine as a file and when watching it on YouTube?

    Can you make sure your AMD GPU drivers are up to date? Can you try to view the video on your machine (as a file) with the VLC player (its free to download)? I suspect you were using windows media player before? That player is well known for having codec problems with our videos often resulting in stuttering and such not perceived when using an alternative player like

    Yes actually it only happen with Windows Media Player, i just realize it after upload it on Youtube lol. VLC solve my problem. Thank you very much!

    It looked perfect to me.

    The default Windows media player for videos is awful and almost any video looks bad in it, Download VLC ( and give it a go, it'll harness your graphics card for play back.

    Thank you very much. That is true, stuttering only happen in WMP. VLC solve my problem

    Hi all.

    I am using Enscape 3.0 right now, and trying to make a short video/animation render. The result is little bit lag/stuttering. My quality setting in export option was Full HD with 60 fps, compression maximum. Can somebody please tell me what is the correct setting to avoid any lag/stutter?. I want to keep the video in 60 fps and full hd if possible. My PC specs are Ryzen 5 3500 with GPU AMD RX 580 8gb, i dont know if its hardware related at all since my PC should can handle that.

    Here is the link of video

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi all. i have a problem with enscape 2.7 (also 2.8 actually). I just change my GPU from NVDIA to AMD RX 580 8 gb and i use Ryzen 5 3400. I am sure this GPU is enough to use Enscape, but every time i use HDRI (and sometimes default environment from enscape) the render result is like this. This never happen before with NVDIA GPU. Can someone explain what is actually happening and the solution? Thank you and sorry for my english

    Hi all how are you?

    i have a problem with light setting of pool lamp inside the pool in around 1 metre depth, its look not so realistic enough. Could someone please help me about the setting this kind of lamp?. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.