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    yeah, I remember discussing with one of Enscape team members why 'safe frame' isn't automatically shown in preview even after it's checked on (it could be just opaque not just black if the team doesn't completely want to block the leftover view). At least there was a way to keep the safe frame in preview before, now there's no way. I guess not many people care about 'safe frame'?

    I can suggest you to install a sketchup safe frame plugin. İt works very well with enscape.

    Again - that makes it a bug and not a feature. Some of us use sketchy styles and composite them in post.

    How do you adjust your scenes ? in escape or in sketchup ? and all your aim is to render image in 2 point perspective ?

    I m adjusting all my scenes (with 2 point perpesrctive or not) in sketchup using a '' safe-frame plugin ' and then opening enscape and adjusting the aspect ratio in visual settings matching in safe- frame plugin.

    When I do that ; even I do not have to syncronize the views , I am just rendering the image adjusted on sketchup side.

    believe me the only way is using a sketchup safe frame plugin.

    thank you very much.

    Wondeful! Can't explain why I never stumbled on that before..

    you are welcome. just be carefull adjusting the paremeters on both side ( enscape and sketchup ).

    for example;

    for the full hd resolution (1920X1080) the aspect ratio seems as 1.78 . normally it is : 1920/1080= 1,77777778 . and you need to adjust 1,777 on sketchup side.

    just try if you have other question I will try to help you.

    Except for the settings saved within a scene, changing a setting within an Enscape settings window changes an Enscape setting. (Project is irrelevant).

    This is an ongoing thing that has been mentioned a few times: having a layer of settings that save with a project (in-between "global" settings and "scene" settings).

    So what is your work flow ?

    I think every time , we must save our last settings as default projects settings just before closing the enscape wndow. if we forget to save settings we can face the suprises when we open the project later.

    it is something confusing..


    Hi all;

    I installed a ''safe frame '' plugin into sketchup , and matched the aspect ratio both in escape and sketchup safe frame window - now I can controll the both view in sketchup and enscape. İt works perfectly.

    Without using any plugin showing safe frame in sketchup view it is hardly possible to match both view.

    my suggestion to developer is; when we activate the '' show safe frame '' in escape visual settings, a frame must occur in sketchup window. otherwise we can not see the final result of the image.

    Using advanced camera tools can be another option to create safe frames. But unfortunatelly using ACT has several difficulties.

    Regards .

    Hi All; İn escape 2.6

    When I open a new project , visual settings of my previous project ( a different project ) come to my new project as default visual settings. How to fix it ?

    İn a different way;

    I am working on project A.

    when I open a new project B , the visual settings of A come as default settings of B. and if I change it , the visual of settings of A also changes.

    do you thınk İt is something weird ? Each project must have its own settings. I am confused about it. Could anybody help me ?

    I am using trial version of 2.6 for sketchup. I did not succeed rendering exact sketchup wiews in case of using default camera settings in enscape windows.

    Could you please explain this issue at webinar planned on the date of 20 november or any other video tutorials ?