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    I've searched high and low for a clear tutorial on this but I'm having trouble finding a straightforward How-To. Here's my situation (I'm sure it's nothing new)

    In Rhino, I've created a landscape model that surrounds a void of a building. It has hundreds of assets placed based on a landscape CAD drawing. This model was previously used for quick iteration on massing and rendering, but now the time has come to finalize the massing and transition to Revit. I've linked this landscape .3dm model into Revit, but all of the asset materials don't transfer over, just their geometry. I've tried switching the link from overlay to attachment and this Revit model doesn't show phases to my knowledge.

    I don't have enough time to rebuild the entire site model and replace all of the assets in Revit manually. Is there any way to do this automatically. And if there is, can someone explain it very clearly step by step?

    Model in Rhino with assets + materials:

    How the rhino model looks in Enscape for Rhino:

    The Linked .3dm file in Revit (in blue)

    How it looks in Enscape for Revit:

    Thank you in advance for anyone able to help me!