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    Hello Enscape community,

    This is our first post on this forum ever!

    We just purchased Enscape for Mac for Vectorworks and absolutely loving it. We have been waiting for this for years! :)

    As we are not so familiar with all the options in software we have few questions to clarify:


    -Released first version of Enscape for Vectorworks on Mac has 'Material Editor' but I dont see any link to Material Library. No link to import Material Library... Is this something we can expect in future? If so, Is there some official Enscape materials library available to download for now?

    - Would be great, before editing, to be able to pick any material directly from scene and then do the adjustments ... is there this option or for now I have to select material from list in 'Material editor'?


    - is there function within Enscape window that I can go to 'previous view' and maybe then to 'next view'? We are aware of previous/next favourite view.

    Visual Settings

    - is there option to place custom background image(for example HDRI) to the scene ? other than predefined or with help of image editing software as a postwork?

    Fixed Seat License

    - we have fixed seat license and if we want to switch license to a different machine how we can deactivate license on current machine? There is switch License Active but it is greyed out ...

    Thanks for answers in advance.


    Thank you for this great tool that makes high quality visualisations for designers available with such an ease!

    Thanks a lot.