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    I have the same problems, I have only worked briefly with Enscape 4: I didn't even install the pre-release version due to lack of time and possible frustration. But now, unfortunately, the same thing is happening with the official version. I don't have time to go back and forth installing versions, testing and debugging!

    - Viewport in Rhino is slow when Enscape is running

    - Live updates not really working when layer with geometry is switched off still shows parts in Rhino

    The toolbar was not poping up but is in the new R8 toolbar group which seams to be different, not slowing when entering via right click on toolbars than compared to the menu in windows:

    You should invest money in an additional dev team to keep things running smoothly and simultaneously. In the end, you're taking money from your customers, who continue to pay for no service or improvements, but lose time and money while testing beta versions - a pretty risky process!

    Realistically, we will test some kind of beta Version of 4.0 in March, meaning it will be an indefinite amount of time before a reliable version is running. Given that you failed to fix the problems with 3.5 for more than half a year. This means that there has been practically no running update for a year! (from 3.4 to 4.0)

    What is the timeframe to count on?

    We are now heading to Twinmotion....Perhaps you can convince us at some point with a reliably running cross-hosts software version.


    i am facing a very annoying problem when i try to set up an evening interior scene with artificial light that is well lit in the preview, but when i render the image i get a much worse quality in terms of shadow blotches:

    Here a very basic scene:

    Screen capture:

    I tried on different machines (graphic cards) and settings but could get the blothes away.

    I would be very happy to have a consistent output and flexibilty regading the lighting!