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    I'm aware that there are direct use of Substance materials in Max and other 3D apps, but for in-house architecture work, Revit is king. So having parallel models and rendering processes is not efficient for smaller projects.

    How to do you see Substance materials being integrated? An entirely secondary material editor for Enscape, but inside Revit? Seems like a challenging task and I'd be very surprised if the Revit API even had this sort of support for building out a solution.

    I am using Revit for architecture and it is king on floor plans and architecture elements but its not king on 3D modelling, 2D and 3D texturing.

    Look at Revit 2020 its adapting and having more advance features and its not about bringing the full editor into revit but for enscape to one day be as powerful as substance. If enscape can plug into 3D studio max that would be good as Lumion can already do that! :)

    WOW no one supporting this? Think about a wall, floor, etc you dont want it to be so uniform as that is not realistic you want patterns to be realistic so generating different displacement and patterns so the brick wall look different. Just like the grass being randomize. :) There is already something professional that is out. :)

    I'm don't think you would really call this "support" for Substance - it's merely using Substance to export back out bitmaps to put in the Revit material appearance template for "Base Material - Opaque" slots. So, it takes a lot of busy work if you are tweaking a material to re-export it every time. The speed in which you can generate different versions of the same material is a big advantage over using something like Photoshop. I've pushed the Allegorithmic guys on when we will get something more robust like a Substance plugin, but they won't divulge anything. Was hoping for something at Adobe Max, but no announcements. Maybe we can hope for something at Autodesk University next week? Here is my first few tests in working on some wood patterns.

    If you are a pro in substance painter you would know lumuion is limited in using substances. Substance has many advance features that cannot be exported into enscape or lumuion. However if use in 3D studio and and rendering is done by another software the material are fare more advance. :)

    So it is important enscape support all the feature of substance.

    Thank you but i tried it and complex final scene take a very long time on computer with slower CPU. And you could be generating profit from those who do use render farm.

    The rendering are not just one shot but 50 or even 2h animation videos or longer as these are for student in the animation, architecture sector.

    Its very important and perhaps you need to ask. :)

    I think its a good idea if Enscape has a render cloud service like the other cloud services out there for those who don't have super fast computers. And want to render their scene very quick while having their computer free to do other work or study activities. Not everyone can render a complex long animation scene on their computer so cloud render will boost this.

    Also have student discount so more student can use your software as other farm render has this too. :)

    Maybe also have it so you can use your computer as well as the cloud for those who need this type of setup. :)

    Competative price like 0.0 an hour or monthly fees.

    Can our own models from max and other software be imported please? As that will fix the crises issue of not having particular models for enscape. Right now it seem very restrictive cause there is already massive libraries of so many type of models so having the ability to import will be so helpful!

    Yes please bring this out as Lumion also has this support! As an architecture interior person we need a plugin to run Enscape in 3D studio max so we can do more advance rendering techniques then what we can in revit.

    In Lumion you need to export it to this program you can't run it in max so thanks if you can make it run it in max like revit.

    Architecture rendering does not happen alone in revit its exported to other rendering software to make it as realistic as possible! :)

    Lumion has this where you can edit open street map in the program and then it download the data of the building

    Here is a video of it

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    Can please have this also in the program so we can import basic street structure and buildings?