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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Do you plan to stop your architectural work after you graduate?

    I assume the point you are making is that the answer to the above question would be 'no' and therefore you can keep using the licence?

    Hoping I am wrong in that assumption, but if not just FYI... it's a student licence. If you continue after you graduate you'll need to drop more $$$ to buy a commerical licence.

    Secondly, you aren't registered when you graduate, so likely you join a company who typically pay for the software, your student licence would also be redundant due to commercial work.

    Lastly, one of the main points is the website says monthly but you can only pay yearly. Fix that and it gets marginally better.

    Feel for the enscape crew, this is clearly coming from Chaos. I noticed VRAY website is playing the same tricks.

    Hi Demian Gutberlet

    Thanks for the response. Your team has got in contact with me and I have responded with some feedback. I do keep in mind the alternative education offering and we use them at our university, with all our labs having your software installed, but unfortunately, in my experience, those offerings miss the point. Many students prefer to bring their personal laptops into class. Students want software on their personal devices, this allows them to "tinker and render late into the night". They want hassle free.

    As I indicated in my email to the team, if the price is advertised as monthly, why can't you pay monthly?

    Putting aside Twinmotion access via Autodesk for a moment, Twinmotion & Lumion are both free of charge to students via student licences. So what would Enscape/Chaos team suggest, when trying to recommend Enscape to my students when they have to pay for it? That’s a genuine question, I am interested in what the Enscape team feel justifies the student cost? I imagine you have some market research that could shed some light.

    I am not a marketing person, so maybe I am simply naive.

    In the end, I teach the tools that are the most intuitive, capable, with the least number of barriers. This has always been Enscape. Unfortunately based on this latest decision, that means that for me as a teacher at a university, the equation has changed. For the foreseeable future, Twinmotion takes the top spot. I will continue to mention Enscape to my students, then they will jump onto your website and well… we know what happens then…

    7 days ago, I began teaching Enscape to my new group of students for the semester (for the 4th straight year). Always a fun class when teaching them the wonders of Enscape + Revit, the plug and play tool anyone can use.

    At the end of class, a student asked if there was a way to access a free version? This was the moment I learnt students are now being asked to pay for a student license. Holy crap. Since when?

    I missed the memo, I don't know when this started, but you are now asking for US$16.83 a month, and to add insult to injury, only an option to pay annually (as far as I can tell in Australia). So really, they are being asked to pay US$201.96 for a semesters usage. That's insane.

    I would love to know why this decision was made (aside from the obvious). Right at the exact moment Twinmotion walks in on the scene connected to Revit 2023, you make Enscape less accessible for the young designers out there, that literally walk into organizations and ask for software they have just learnt. We have Enscape installed on the institutions machines, but in my experience, students gravitate to any software they can install on their laptop, learn quickly in their own time, to maximise their outputs.

    I don't understand.

    on Friday, for the first time, I introduced my students to Twinmotion.

    Last but not least, since I mentioned a dedicated fix (which was misleading) in my previous replies we would like to know what issues you still experience exactly (besides not being able to use walkmode) and especially if you still run into any odd behavior when it comes to the controls of the SpaceMouse. I appreciate any further input.

    So my input would be, it works in Twinmotion and doesn't work in Enscape. It works in Twimotion the way it use to work in Enscape, plug and play.
    In Enscape, I am full 360 degree as if I am in solidworks. Twinmotion, horizon appears to be automatically on, I walk around and it just works.

    Hi Sean, yes I do, 3D mouse, but this has happened even with the device turned off. This was the first thing I checked as I thought the device was faulty at one point. I can investigate and test your other queries regarding switched windows and look forward to 2.7! thanks for the reply.

    +1 here in both 2.5 and 2.6. This post was prompted after today when it happened as soon I launched enscape exe. That was a first, previously it has always happened randomly whilst already open. problem varies: either constant movement and have to close and reopen, or the movement plus cycling non stop through day and night. can't yet reproduce or work out what might be causing it. very frustrating, especially if in middle of presentation. I think it might have something to do with switching between applications.