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    Thank you for your response, unfortunaly whilst it gets it to the same camera position the view window sizes / shape and camera angle dont match between revit and enscape so the output between the two is different. I was hoping that I culd have the two exactly the same

    I have a series of fixed revit camera view points that I have been rendering for the last 3 years whcih allows an overlay / slide show showing the schemes progression and had hoped I could miss out the cloud rendering and adopt enscape as a workflow but the enscape view never matches the revit view when opened.

    Is there a way to get enscape to exactly match your revit window, viewport size, camera angle etc?

    I know that this has been asked before and the thread marked as resolved with no clear answer but how / when will this be available.

    Its a real probelm for us in terms of presenting to clients who are not willing to use the Vive in Flythrough mode due to the confusion if can cause navigating the model.