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    Thank you Alexander Devaykin.

    So, nowadays RTX is a bad thing if you are planning to make 4k works, at least until the problem fixer release.

    With all my respect to all the Enscape personel, I know they are working hard, and they are so nice. But I wonder did not nobody try to get a 4k render before the release of "major" RTX support of Enscape? :)

    I admire ENSCAPE and its capabilities. Probably I will never use another render engine. Thats why (as beloved Demian Gutberlet knows (thank you again i am so happy wih the system you adviced :) i even set a new system for it.

    Altan Altunbas , pardon if I've caused some confusion, but what I wanted to say is that you would be of fine with an i7 (current or even older generation too) because Enscape is mainly utilizing the GPU not CPU. :) But still, go with an i9, or if you'd prefer and have a limited budget, with a current gen i7 for example and then spend more on the GPU. Just an idea! :)

    Also, I don't have much experience with AMD CPU's I have to say, but I'm pretty sure that the current generation of AMD CPU's are also more than capable to run SketchUp with larger/complex projects of course - again, for Enscape it would still not be as relevant as the GPU!

    Hope this helps!

    Of course that helped and eventually i got i7 9700k + 2060 Super Combination on my desk now :) Thanks again.

    Thanks a lot Demian Gutberlet . Its great to be here with all you nice guys :) I felt in love with Enscape and I'm sure its going to be more awesome with time thanks to you :)

    Did i misunderstand it or you recommend i7 9700k rather than others? ( Because there you say "i9 9700k" may be mistake ) If so, I'll stick with i7 9700k :thumbup:Would it be too much if i want to hear your thouhts about AMD pcu family too?

    MatthiasL thank you so much for advices, you bet i try to strech as possible as i can :) Im affraid I have to keep some to buy my main tool Enscape too :)

    Im sure the "thread" difference is perceivable jtubb

    Hey friends.

    I am about to buy a new PC for Enscape+Sketchup, but i just cant be sure how powerfull or expensive the pcu should be?

    These are my options:

    i9 9900k, i7 9700k, Ryzen 9 3900x, Ryzen 7 3800x

    My questions :

    - Is 9700k will be enough for me?

    - Will I ever need the AMD's multi threads?

    - Is "geting and amd pcu" a risk using with nvidia gpu? etc...

    I would be happy if you guys can enlighten me. My brain is about to blow up :)

    (BTW On the gpu side Im planning to get a rtx 2060 super)