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    Hi, there,

    I'm going to give you feedback on my experience with a Meta Quest 2 VR headset on Enscape. The Meta quest 2 headset is not the best choice to have the best VR experience with Enscape. I had a lot of problems with SteamVR during my tests with my client. This software was very unstable! BUT, with the latest version of enscape steamvr has become optional. I managed to get the vr working properly, but it was laborious.

    Go for an HTC headset, which will be much better suited to your needs.

    I'll be in touch if you need any help.


    After spending some time researching compatibility between SteamVR and the Meta Quest 2 headset, I realized that SteamVR generated a lot of bugs during use. Can I launch a VR project without going through SteamVR but directly on the Oculus application? I've read that version 3.5 allows this. If so, how can I do it?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Thank you for your prompt reply, I appreciate it.

    Indeed, I find it odd too. VR only works badly on Enscape. Do you have a knowledge base oriented on VR so that I can document myself more in depth?

    I'll describe it in more detail. There's an obvious drop in fps. Textures shake violently and a black screen is visible at the extremities of the image and doesn't instantly follow head movements. When VR is launched, my client's PC goes up to 10GB of Ram used, which is enormous. I think the problem may lie with the projects used. Do you have any texture libraries to recommend?

    Thanks in advance

    Hello everyone!

    I'm encountering a rather annoying problem concerning the installation of a client. She has an Oculus metaquest 2 VR headset. When she launches virtual reality from a Standalone project or directly from Enscape, the screen in the headset starts to shake violently, preventing all use. This is not due to the configuration of the PC or the version of the drivers, which are up to date.

    I have several theories on this problem:

    Do I need to make precise settings in SteamVr or Oculus?

    Can certain texture catalogs cause this lag?

    What are the prerequisites for a VR-compatible project?

    I can't find much information on the web about this problem.

    Can you give me some advice?

    Thanks in advance

    Hello everyone,

    A customer has an HTC Vive Focus 3 VR headset. This headset is a standalone. With this headset she can put files on an SD card to use them in the headset. Is this type of use compatible with Enscape Standalone files?

    She would like to make presentations to her customers without taking a laptop with her (vr compatible).

    Standalone files would be the solution for her, but I can't find the answer to my question. Can Standalone files be read directly by the headset without using an additional PC?

    Thank you in advance for your reply. :)