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    Most of the time this will however result in a burned out sky.

    I second your request. On the other side the burned out sky could be catched by an enhanced color mapping. Maybe the ground/sky relation is physical correct, but without a good "viewing device" like the human eye the result will be like you described. Other engines provide the main parameters burn/exposure/contrast to get it job done. The burn control is missed at Enscape.

    Very much I like the curve control of the V-Ray frame buffer which allow me to simulate an anlog film curve based on a very long flat upper curve end like in this extreme example here.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds very interesting.

    Maybe this head set could get a special Enscape output support, since a very high res seems to be needed in a small display range only and not the whole views needs to be calculated in high res.

    I think, all the known shortcomings wich can't be solved because the "VR performance" wouldn't kept shows the difference between a full render engine and a VR engine. For example I asked for solid glass objects in the past and the answer was, glass isn't rendered like at a classic render engine, it's only looking like this.

    To understand the difference helps to understand why Enscape isn't save to replace a classic render engine. It's fantastic for what it is made and without wrong expectations it does a nice job. ;)

    The new battle of the high-end VR-market for now, is between the Oculus Rift S, the HTC Vive Cosmos and the Valve Index (mainly)... and they all have new, different controllers :-)

    And it looks like who think about the Oculus Rift S needs to think about the Oculus Quest too. ;)

    not sure why you are asking this, if you already know what real time engine and computated engine can do. just use the best of both.

    I didn't ask. I answered to the question of this first post and the answer at the second, Enscape could replace a render engine. My intention is to warn users like Marcus to run in a difficult situation within a tight deadline and to motivate the Enscape team to go further steps in direction to make Enscape a real render engine competitor.

    Right, using both for each need is the best way. And it looks like Marcus ask for this way.

    Demian Gutberlet Every time if users ask for getting better effects, for example solid glass or continuous mapped transparency or mixing material effects, than the answer was that it's not possible, since Enscape isn't a render engine, it's made for VR. So, I think, recommending Enscape as render engine should be done carefully, the limits are very tight.

    Within the tight limits really nice results are possible like can be seen at the showcase. But often people forget that more than in the nice images is shown is not possible. So, if you client would ask your for a little enhancement like a shadow for wine bottles on the table than Enscape fails. Or let us talk about noisy rendered blurry metals - it's a VR engine, don't expect to get the noise fixed by longer render times. So, to be a glorious winner or a loser at your projects is dangerous near together. I wished the range could be wider.

    Tyler Enhancements for noisy metals, bad reflections are requested since a very long time too. For me the unstable or missing quality is a big problem so that I can't use Enscape for my commercial projects most. The potential of Enscape is hugh and alluring and it could bring some nice advantages over my offline render engines, but something is missing at every end.

    Some people and I, we hope to get some quality issues be fixed by RTX. Also I hope it will enhance the shadows of lights, seems they could be retraced instead shadow mapped. Maybe materials like glass could win too.

    I understand the need of your other requests and I'm tiered to read the endless upvote notes without any following result too. Some times I think the Enscape team creates a monster, but it's to small to tame it. I hope I'm not the bad guy to say this and it is noted as a sign that some changes are needed. ;)

    ... RTX support which only affects a small portion of the community.

    But it affects the pro users and they need the tool for living. Without quality you can forget it for pro use. Pro users are a small portion of the users?

    Wow, very interesting. Thank you happymilk

    I hope depth channels can be created per Enscape in the near future too. Shouldn't be so difficult, since the distance from viewpoint to surface point is easy calculated and should be the same for every calculated tile during the pano creation process.