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    I'm surprised about the good look too. Quite good for real time and so much glass faces!! Thank you for sharing.


    during I adjust the colors of a scene I missed the easy control of Rhino. So, it's difficult to change saturation or intensity only without to change the other values.

    For example at Rhino I think so - I need a redgold, so I choose the right tone from the color wheel, than I change the saturation and the brightness.

    Per Enscape advanced color editor the user can't easy slide through the colors of the color range, he need to adjust R/G/B to find the right color. This is very difficult.

    I hope more than a vote is possible. ;)


    Especially in case of large mirrors you will most likely still be able to spot some compromises/approximations that are done in order to achieve real-time framerates.

    Sorry to bring it on the table again - what is the frame rate of a still image for a printed documentation? Or is it recommended to use Enscape for VR only and to use additional engines for still images?

    You may think, why is Micha such a pain in the neck? But you never had the bad feeling, if the client needs a perfect image within a tight deadline, and you find no way to get it. You could say, than use V-Ray. But the truth is - the speed and the easy use of Enscape is the only way to create stills and animations within the tight dead line of some projects. So, if we could get a way to disable some of the VR optimizations than you would make a lot of your users very very very ... happy and you would find a lot more users.

    Looks like a selfshadowing (bias) issue of the sun. Maybe it helps if you tell which scene units you are using and is the model in the near of the origin (0,0,0)? Is the model size right like in the real world, it means the building is 50m instead 50cm?

    We work in different projects and therefore we save the settings to the project. So for us a simple setup like version 2.5 is much faster, easier.

    Hi Dadi,

    I used v2.6 for a project now and I better understand the new UI. The legacy button allow to load old project setups. Your current project setup is saved to the project file - I use Rhino and it's saved to the 3dm file. No need to save/load setups to the HDD anymore. But if you like to save/load setups than you can do it per Export/Import. The setup file format is changed, so the legacy button is needed to load old setup files only.

    Simon Weinberger I think, the Import button could direct support old and new format to load, so the legacy button could be removed from the UI.

    I had the same problem last that at some portions of the flythrough (a long fly between two key frames only) there was some problematic parts of the scene visible. I very missed a simple slider to move the current position of the camera at the Enscape video editor. So, I could slowly check every position of the camera and adjust/repair the scene. Would it help for you too mlechowicz , did I understand you right?

    Starting the animation per "P" wouldn't help here, since I have a start, an end key only and 15s flytrough.

    Nice experiments and moods. Thank you for sharing it.

    But also an example that the quality isn't enough for a professional use - to much splotches and noise. I hope the team will take attention to it and provide a solution. Thomas Willberger What do you think, is there a chance to push the quality for still renders to avoid this effects? From time to time I run against this limits too and I know, my clients will not like this quality. At V-Ray I would increase the noise threshold and samples.

    Also in this direction - it's a problem that in white mode there is no option to disable special materials like glass and emitters. If this would be there, I could create my wanted outlines per white model mode.