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    awoodhouse Maybe an old Rhino trick works for you. Extract the render mesh, export it as OBJ and reimport it. Now, the UV should be burned in to the mesh. If the Rhino viewport shows the right mapping than Enscape should render it.

    We can read the FoV information out of the CAD solution you're using, but we cannot write the FoV from the Enscape Settings into the CAD itself since that is technically not possible. This hasn't changed with 2.8 either I'm afraid, our hands are tied here.

    Since views can be recalled by Rhino named views I wonder that Enscape can't do it. At the moment I'm not using Enscape and can't test it, but based the Enscape batch rendering not on Rhino views? Would it not help to recall the Rhino views per Rhino command?

    I missed the right recall of the Rhino views a lot in the past.

    Tim That's one of Achilles ferse of Enscape, a stopper for some projects and no change in sight. In your case you could try to mirror the whole scene and to fake the mirror by removing them. You shouldn't see any notable performance lag by doubling the scene. Only the sun light direction could be a problem, maybe you could add a second sun for the mirrored scene or work without a sun.

    It's really a pity that Enscape doesn't provide a solution for this big issue. Also if much more performance would be needed, for stills the frame rate doesn't matter, only the result counts. ;)

    Nice scene. Only it looks like like the color range isn't optimal used. The dark range, the shadows and dark colors are quite dark, so details get lost and colors are over saturated there. I think, a lighter look could give some more friendly freshness and vitality. ;)

    Maybe the dark look is amplified by a discussed Enscape effect, that assets seems to be to dark.
    Asset People much too dark

    RTX@Minecraft ... very interesting features, for example colored shadows and caustics of glass at 20:38, also in the reflections visible (also 24:40). Impressive! It's requested for Enscape several times.

    I'm impressed that lost his patient after 34 post only - this is record. ;) Enscape is definitely not the right software for you. ;)

    But I'm not sure which software would be the right for an impatient perfectionist. My impression is that the complexity of modern software coding is to high, issues grows faster than features. On the other side my impression is that programmers doesn't share the view of the users and fundamental issues are not fixed, because the developers doesn't see how critical the issues are. So, the best for the user is to have a handful of tools to solve different projects. Enscape is quite limited, but within in this limits the results are impressive. But as user don't expect that the limits are fast moving away. It's a very slow process. You don't get what you want, but you can be surprised what you get.

    After a hot time of Enscape using I decide me to go back to my classical render engine. If a project should match the limits of Enscape than I will use it again. For the moment I'm observing the Enscape evolution process only and hope my personal Enscape limits are solved some day. For me it would be great to be able to use a kind of news letter function where I get a note when my critical issues are solved. ;) (For example my client doesn't accept metal reflection noise and incomplete mirror reflections.)

    Thank you for info about WCS. So, it's like the V-Ray triplanar mapping without soft blend, but real time preview at the viewport. Maybe Enscape could get this at material level too at least.

    +1 for WCS from me too ;)

    Sean Farrell I'm not sure my personal assets are from the same resource like the Enscape assets, but during my last project per V-Ray and models from Renderpeople I found, that the peoples texture looks better if I set the gamma of the texture 0.6 instead 0.45 (1/2,2). Could it be that the textures are created at the old Mac standard gamma 1.8?

    Here an example - left standard gamma correction for 2.2 (blacks are very dark and skin tone to dark/colorful) and left for 1.8 (softer colors).

    I run in this issue in the past too. My impression was that the gamma correction of the asset textures is to strong, so that colors and contrast are quite strong. But maybe it's a question of the users taste too. I would prefer a more fresh and light look.