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    I that case change my request to remove the reflections for mirrors at all in the medium setting. Reflecting the surrounding in a mirror inside a building is much worse then reflecting nothing!

    No good idea, since the medium setting allow to get light into closed spaced from the environment and this effect helps a lot for lighting closed spaces. So, not all users want to skip mirror reflections at medium settings.

    One slider for different parameters is a bad idea and it doesn't help to pack more parameters in this slider. ;)

    OK, unfortunately I bought a license and now I'm not sure I can use Enscape. I wished, the supported feature would fully work and problems would fixed within a short time frame.

    Maybe it would help to add some technical options so that the advanced user can push some parameters above the the automatic range. Typical render engine allow to control a noise threshold or a sampling level.

    If the camera move through an interior during a fly though animation, than first unseen areas get strange ghost shadows. Could be great if this effect could be avoided. Any chance for a quick fix?



    for stills it could be great to get a better sampling against the noise. Is there a chance to get it running for the next week please, since I need it for a project?

    Or can this artifacts avoided by a setting file option? Longer render times are no problem. I'm sure my client will not be happy about the dirt effect.


    If what I'm hearing is correct, there's no way to accurately represent this material and not have the moire effect occur?

    You could try to render at the largest output resolution (custom size mode) and downscale the image later. Also you could try to blur the texture a little bit, maybe it helps for the sampling and doesn't interact so much with the output pixel anymore. Maybe you could try both together.

    I'm not sure you know what the quality slider do. I'm not sure too, but so far I understand, it limits the GI bounces and such things. You will not see additional noise or artifacts, if understand right. So, maybe you skip the workaround for the wrong reasons. ;)

    I see no reason why the lights needs to be turned off, since in the real world the lights could be turned on and nobody would see it, since the intensity of the daylight is much higher than intensity of artificial lights. Only the exposure of the camera needs to be adjusted, the automatic can be used.

    For the use of emitters it would be very useful if continuous transparency mapping would be supported.

    I would love to have the option as well to set the background/atmosphere color to black.

    I have a workaround for you - place a large black sphere around your scene and set render quality to Medium or Draft. Now, you get a black background, but lighting and reflection by the skybox. I hope the Medium quality works for your need. I used this trick some times to get light into closed spaces, like large shops. I'm not sure which parameters are internal set by "Medium", since we don't have control over detailed settings. Also I hope the behavior of the "Medium" quality will not be changed in the future and destroy this workflow.

    I hope a custom background color will be implement in the future, but it seems to be very difficult to implement, so we need to be patient.

    EGIE At the real world the brightest white reflect 80% of the indirect light. At Enscape white (255,255,255) will cause a 100% indirect light reflection. So, you need to keep all colors and textures at 80%, for example bright white could be (210,210,210). For red it mean not to use (255,0,0), instead use (210,0,0) or lower, since your red wall isn't a bright red. If you go this road than you get less color bleeding and it should be more real looking.

    OK, it's cumbersome to multiply all color and textures by 0.8 but I suppose so we will not get a global multiplier to do this.