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    4) Great, interesting trick, works at some kind of materials. For example Grass doesn't work. Also please add IOR support, it's useful for more special effects.

    15) Yes. At the moment I need to scale the Rhino UI and use Rhino and Enscape side by side. For example the Vray frame buffer is always on top and can be minimized, if the screen space is temporary needed.

    17) Maybe we mean different things. At Rhino there is an Animation tool named Bongo. It allow me to create complex animations of mechanical design or/and camera movement. I need a way that Enscape render a frame, save the image and Bongo starts the rendering of the next frame. If Enscape would allow to do this, than it could extremely cut down the render time for an animation. Interior animations per Vray at 2K is so slow that I never had done it. Enscape is so much faster, so that only this functionality would make it worth to buy it. (I think the McNeel Rhino team could help you to get the connection done.) I'm not looking for an animation tool at Enscape, since Bongo is a ready solution for complex animations. All render plugins of Rhino allow to render Animations.

    20) OK, reload seems to help a little bit, but something is wrong. Attached a test rendering. The plane is bright white and if I add some transparency than it doesn't looks like a bright wide transparent plane, it looks like a black transparent plane. If I move the slider back and forward, reload the scene ... than I get some strange effects, but most not the expected one.

    21) It doesn't work. Try to setup a black plastic with a light blur. And now try to decrease the reflection intensity. I needed it at my product design shot last and I don't got what I was looking for. Reflection intensity support is very important for product design.

    22) If I type in an angle than it needs approx. 30 s until Rhino can be used again. So, it's difficult to finde adjust a background.

    30) Also without any option pages at the Rhino file all Enscape options could be saved to the Rhino file and loaded if the Rhino file is opened. Vray for Rhino do it this way, all options are in the Vray option UI only, the options are written/load to/from the 3dm file.

    Very curious I'm for working emitters. It's essential for a good render work. Render engines like Octane and Maxwell started with emitter light sources only in the past. Since I have seen working Enscape emitters at my train scenes and the result was very promising I hope a fix is soon possible. :) A next step could be to implement an intensity control.

    (Could we not do something crazy - in emissive keyword mode we use the IOR parameter as intensity control? I tried it, high "IOR" numbers are supported. In this mode internal the IOR could be set to 1.5, since we don't need emissive metal effects and 1.5 is good for rendering emissive TFT screens.)

    FOV - I thought on a simple walk through on a PC screen. For example often I create 3D visualizations of air plane interiors and the lavatories or galley areas are very tight, but in the passenger area a normal lens is fine.

    Exposure - my impression is that the automatic exposure is to aggressive. If I want to show an interior, than I don't need a well exposured exterior behind the windows. Maybe the automatic exposure could get an "interior" flag option (and a shortcut at the standalone) that helps to avoid to stand in a black room with a nice scene outside only.

    Hi Thomas,

    one idea for the horizon plates - could be nice to get some "dark" environment presets, like late sunset and night. Nice for twilight exterior shots and most artificial lighted interiors.

    For the missing multi GPU support - for example I'm looking for a VR solution to show air plane and train interiors. Also my clients would like to get interior animations. Both can't be done with my current renderer Vray and for me for this two usages it would be worth to buy Enscape. And don't forget users from Octane and Maxwell (progressive unbiased renderer), both good for product shots, but bad for interiors. This users own computers with a lot of GPUs and are waiting for much more speed. Enscape could be the solution.

    Animations - a big wish for Rhino is that Enscape can be used like every other render engine for rendering animation per tool like Bongo. Rendering animations is a big problem everywhere, since it need hours or days. Enscape could be a game changer on this classic slow task. You have seen my product shot test? I rendered an animation per Octane based on approx. 120s per frame. Enscape needs 10s per frame (single GPU), if I could use both GPU, than a frame would be done in 5s. That would change so much .... . Please try it - Rhino animation support and multi GPU.

    I own two GTX780 6GB for rendering product animations per Octane. Works quite good, the power is good used. There are many GPU render users with multiple graphic card setups who could profit. A GTX1080 Ti 6GB for 600,- € ... I would prefer to buy the Enscape license for this money. ;)

    * lens lenght: ok, than a manual way could be great, for example Ctrl + Scroll wheel. I got the idea as I was gone through a "standalone" house. At the small rooms the view angle was to narrow. I know this feature from a pano viewer.

    * Exposure: wish refined: it could be great to manual adjust the manual set exposure of a standalone. Useful, if interior and exteriors are in one scene and the auto exposure can't be used. For example Shift + scrool wheel or Shift + +/-.

    PS: I loaded a standalone from somewhere at the web and run in this issues, so in this cases I had no control about the creation process. So, maybe it could be added to enable/disable the auto exposure at standalone level too.

    At Rhino I had the same problem. Solution was to scale the object by factor 10. Small objects like 10 mm length are not show if the distance to the camera is to small. There seems to be a fixed clipping plane in the near of the camera.

    We could see the reflective color as way to tint the reflection like known from metals. I rendered a product shot but the black plastic is much to reflective. The slider is very missed. If you don't like the color, why not ignore the color and use the brightness only?

    Rhino IOR for reflections - did you try high values like 8 or 20 for getting metal effects? I can set the IOR 0/1/8/20 and the look doesn't change.

    Info to (12) - I tried to setup an underground train interior. I got my emissive ceiling lights working, but environment light is much to bright, also if I use night HDRI. There seems to be an automatic exposure for the env map. Better would be to get a manual intensity control. In my case it helps to load a black image. Now, the emissive lighting works quite good. But I would like to use my special night env with motion blur effect.

    Other problem: calculation is to limited. Only one of my two GTX780 is used and calculation stops after a few seconds, noise is still there.


    today I opened one of my last product render projects. I found, that materials are much better looking, if they base on Vray materials. So, I can get metal and refractive materials. The setup was a little bit chaotic, but I'm happy about the result. Attached the output of 10s rendering per one GTX780. (I wished it would use both of my GTX780)

    I think Enscape is very promising! Only a lot of UI and workflow work needs to be done.



    The material parameter reflectivity is not used yet. In Rhino it seems like some kind of ambient color, which Enscape does not support.

    I don't understand the part with "kind of ambient color". I think reflectivity should be used as reflection intensity multiplier. Glossiness is something like Roughness. Could be nice if the IOR parameter could be used.

    the problem is that the 100% are limiting - in advanced engines you have multiplier values from e.g 0-10

    is there a way to override this values with enscape ? this leads to the discussion of an material interface

    Could be nice to get global document/general plugin options (for example like Bongo is using it - see screenshot). There could be placed multipliers for lights, bump ... . So, the user could adjust the multiplier ranges for a scene. Also Octane has global options there can be found options for Rhino material conversion (see screenshot).

    But instead to use global multipliers I would prefer the way of other render plugins - own option UI for lights (for example Vray for Rhino), own materials at the material editor (like Octane). It's more plugin code work now but for the long run it will be help to make an advanced pro render plugin. Rhino basic material UI is to much limited, same for lights.

    Or the render plugin AIR - it doesn't use the Rhino materials, there is added a parallel universe of options. Attached some screenshots.

    I hope Enscape will leave the limited Rhino UI and grow to an own UI. I think it's the only chance to bring Enscape at Pro level.


    I will try to collect my comments in this thread:

    (1) focus target should be connected to the Rhino camera target

    (2) outline slider change from 0% to 1% cause to strong intensity jump

    (3) Stereo mode shouldn't compress image wide

    (4) Rhino IOR option support missed (at the moment are no metals possible)

    (5) Rendered display - could be great to get the Enscape output direct at the viewport

    (6) Bug: not all Horizon presets are working, f.ex. town/urban doesn't work

    (7) own Enscape materials are very missed (to get all features right working)

    (8) Bug: only one GPU of two used and this one is used for a short time only, noise isn't full solved

    (9) sun slider at low intensity difficult to adjust

    (10) AO radius and biased missed that cause artefacts dependent from the scene size

    (11) independent environments options for lighting/bachground/reflection/refraction missed

    (12) sky map intensity option missing (important for night HDRI to get the right relation to emissive materials)

    (13) burn vale for color mapping missed

    (14) camera vignetting option missed

    (15) Enscape output -> option "always on top" missing

    (16) Rhino global/document Enscape options missing (f.ex. for global light multiplier)

    (17) Are rendering animations based on Rhino tools (Bongo) supported? (very important)

    (18) mouse scroll wheel and RMB to sensitive for some scenes


    (19) GI Cache: for static scene it could be great if the light solution would be cached and only new visible area added per calculation. If the cache could be saved and reused than it would be a big step forward.

    (20) Rhino material transparency slider support missing

    (21) Rhino material reflection (refl intensity) parameter support missing

    (22) Rotation option for loaded Skybox is slow working, I suppose so a change in RT could be possible

    (23) Export screenshot cause render restart

    (24) Option for Color bleeding adjust GI color bleeding missed (I'm sure my clients will need less color bleeding)

    (25) Stereo options at Standalone missing

    (26) Wish: Double click cause update of manual focus during camera is moved to the object (Standalone)

    (27) Bug: no GI at objects in reflections

    (28) Wish: light visibility options like invisible/visible, affect diffuse, affect reflection

    (29) Emissive light sources: no update after tex multiplier change (restart is needed)

    (30) Big problem: Enscape setup isn't saved to the current project file


    (31) Bug: Rhino lights from disabled layers are shown (scene send per email) [fixed]

    (32) Wish: add "Emitter" as keyword for Emissive (Emitter is a material layer name of Vray and I used it often as material name)

    (33) Bug: Sun also at 0% brightness full visible at the sky, only no lighting and shadow

    (34) Wish: invisible walls to keep the lighting of an interior, but get a free view. Great could be if a keyword like "invis" could be added to a file name. This materials should be visible at reflections.

    (35) Little wish: used skybox texture should be shown and if the file choose UI is open, the current file name should be at the file name input field At the moment it's difficult to know which map is current used)

    (36) Bug: choppy reflections of the env map


    (37) Keyword "Emissive" doesn't stable work everytime, please check. (see attachment of mapping error)

    (38) Bug: Mapping errors at some objects - see attachment

    (39) Shift correction missed (misse for single image renderings) [solved - Rhino two point perspective needs to be enabled]

    (40) Bug: Enscape options are always on top of any WINDOWS tab. Better would be all Enscape windows could keept within Rhino and there at top, for example like known from Vray for Rhino (also plugin windows can be minimized within the Rhino UI for temporary more screens space)

    (41) Wish: sky box mode and an option like "use Rhino sun" - good for neutral sky environments and free placing a sun

    (42) Bug: Moon is shown pixelated

    (43) Wish: back plate option (working with sky system and sky box) so that a simple standard photo can be used as background

    (44) Wish: Shadow catcher material (per keyword system) - good for composite work

    (45) Wish: fog for Skybox mode (a radius option could be useful)

    (46) Wish: water animation also if scene isn't manipulated (missed at Rhino output and standalone)

    (47) Wish: fog for water so that deep water looks darker than at flat areas

    (48) Bug: DOF at standalone missing

    (49) Bug (?): atmosphere fog and window glass looks strange at high fog values

    (50) min Focal point to far away for small product design, please allow to set below 0,1 m

    (51) camera rotation support missing - see screenshot

    (52) Keyword "frosted" doesn't show an effect - see post #12

    (53) Wish: Keyword like "front" and than I could see though the back side into a room. (Often needed feature for small interiors.)

    (54) Bug: bumpy look of glass

    (55) Wish: grass multiplier per keyword "grass3"

    (56) Wish: disable option for specific speed optimizations to get more quality like "keep all emissive objects", "keep all objects" "calculate GI in reflections"

    (57) Wish: turntable view manipulation for product design and simple arch models like known from 3D PDF

    (58) Bug: Sun intensity doesn't change sun fog effect (screenshot at post #15)

    (59) Bug: glass transparency color doesn't work for interiors

    (60) Bug: water shows repeating pattern, randomness missing

    (61) Wish: infinite ground plane per keyword

    (62) Wish: motion blur control for animation (I would like to get less blur)

    Thank you for the nice tool. Good luck for further development.


    Found a new version of Enscape and emissive effect works. :) But ... I load a new material "white reflective" and it glows white. Only if I set emissive color 1,1,1 instead 0,0,0 than the glow is off.

    Wrong Clipping for small objects also at the latest release. (Could be a problem for jewelry design.)


    I checke the GPU/CPU usage and found, that one of my two GPU is used only for a short time, also if the rendering isn't finalized and shows noise. I'm curious to see Enscape using all hardware power without time limit - but how to setup?



    PS: Also under the low hardware usage Enscape is impressive fast. Magic!!!

    I would like to get a view scroll down menu too (for Rhino). For example the 3D PDF exporter of Simlab allow to choose which of the saved Rhino views should be exported. It be one of the very important features for my clients (designers and architects).

    Also it could be good if walk troughs paths could be defined per simple curves. This views could be part of the scroll down menu.