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    I'd like to adress an issue we're encountering with the VR screenshot tool, particularly when using Enscape's standalone file feature. Although the tool works perfectly within Revit, we face issues with the field of view (FOV) in standalone mode: the captured images are wider and have a fisheye effect, which is quite different from what we see in the VR viewfinder.

    We prefer standalone files due to the better performance they provide for larger projects, as they don't require Revit to be running. It would be fantastic if the Enscape team could address the FOV and fisheye discrepancies in standalone VR screenshots to ensure they match our intended framing.

    Thank you for any assistance with this.


    I've read in the forums that Enscape 3.5 doesn't need SteamVR for Oculus Quest. Is this true for WMR devices like the HP Reverb G2 as well?

    I tried uninstalling SteamVR and installing OpenXR for Mixed Reality, but then it keeps searching for the HMD. This happened with a standalone .exe from Enscape 3.5.4.

    Could it be that the Revit plugin works without SteamVR, but the standalone .exe still requires it?