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    Hi all,

    I'm just wondering if there is a certain distance at which Enscape spotlights falloff? I'm trying to create some stadium spotlights, but only the area directly beneath the lights is lit - the rest of the pitch remains unlit.

    Small update:

    I have run some tests and that particular issue appears to be caused by the specular contribution. It behaves a lot more as expected when the specular amount is turned down to zero.

    There are now however other artifacts that are visible - the transparent areas seem to still cast a small shadow on the surface beneath. See attached.

    Hi guys,

    I've been trying to create some decals so that I can improve realism on surfaces, however I'm having quite an issue with transparency.

    The opacity maps appear to work absolutely fine at 90 degrees, but at shallower angles (such as you'd view a road from) they are quite poor. In the examples attached you can see how soft the edges of the opacity map are, and the texture fades out nicely, however at glancing angles the opacity map edges become much harder and more visible.

    Is there a work-around for this, or is it a bug? I assume it's to do with he opacity map filtering.

    Hi All,

    I'd like to see a small amendment to the video texture feature. I have a project with lots of animated signage which looks great on my animation - but on the stills I'd like to be able to choose which frame of the video texture is displayed. Think of it a bit like on instagram when you post a video you can choose a "cover" image which is just a single frame from the video.

    Many thanks,


    Hi - I'm going to give this a try, as I hope it does what I need it to do. The only issue is that my camera doesn't have a target (it is a free camera) - will this be a problem?



    So, I gave it a go and have noticed a couple of things.

    1) The scale seems off? I can't even find my model in Enscape once I've imported the camera path. I'm not sure whether the path is too small, or too big.

    2) Because it's exported from a free camera the "look at" in the .xml that is generated is zero for x,y,z on every frame. I wonder if the author anam-ate would consider updating the script so that you could specify a look-at node, such as a dummy in 3DS max?

    That way I could link a dummy to the free camera and set it a few meters in front of it - and it should follow the orientation of the camera, without it being a target camera.

    Really interested to hear thoughts on both of these points.

    [Edit] I just realised that it won't include camera roll, will it? Enscape locks the camera along the Z axis. *Sigh*


    I appreciate we can import camera paths that have been created within Enscape, but this isn't what I'm looking for.

    Ideally I'd like to be able to import a camera path from an .fbx (or similar - anything that is output by syntheyes really).

    I'm using more and more drone footage that is camera tracked, and I'd love to be able to use Enscape to superimpose our 3D models onto the tracked footage - but to do so, I'd need to be able to import the camera path.

    Surely there must be a way?

    Hi all,

    Over the years our practice has used both the HTC Vive and Oculus Quest 2 in house - but it is becoming increasingly common that clients are asking us to do VR presentations for them at their locations - this rules out using the HTC due to the base stations requiring setup, leaving us with the Oculus Quest as the option. Whilst this works very well in house, we've often had problems elsewhere due to lack of internet connectivity (either due to location, or security reasons) meaning that steam vr won't run without a connection.

    Is there any practical way around this?

    Hi All,

    [edit] Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.

    I've seen a couple of places now that use OSL shaders to create the appearance of rooms on a single plane. I'd love it if we could have some of this functionality within Sketchup/Enscape.

    Many thanks,


    Hi all,

    I'm sure I'm not alone in using the Material ID export quite a lot; it's very useful. However, I would like to have the option for it to ignore opacity so as I could select transparent objects such as glass with it. Currently I end up having to export images twice - once with all the glazing transparent, and once with all of the glazing opaque. Quite frustrating when you've got lots of different glass materials/images to export.

    Many thanks,


    Hi All,

    A friend of mine recently brought his Oculus Quest 2 round to have a go on (was a basic table tennis game but I was very impressed with the whole experience). We have the original HTC vive which works great; but the wires and base stations make it very cumbersome, which can be off-putting for clients.

    How well does Enscape work with the Airlink feature? Are you able to achieve 60fps+ through it? Is it particularly laggy?