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    Demian Gutberlet Thanks for the quick reply!!..

    I am able to reproduce the issue.. the issue is because Rhino 6 is opened at the time of uninstalling 2.3.30 and installing 2.6.0, because of which some registry entries of is not replaced by 2.6.0.

    i Tried closing Rhino 6 and uninstalled the corrupted version of Enscape 2.6.0 and installed again!!.... It worked! .. :)


    i have upgraed from Enscpae 2.3.0 to Enscape 2.6 for Rhino 6, but while launching Rhino iam hetting this error message

    Load Enscape.Rhino.Plugin ...

    2019.11.19 10:26:11.411 [1] | INFO | Rhino plugin starting...

    2019.11.19 10:26:11.422 [1] | INFO | Enscape directory: C:\Program Files\Enscape

    2019.11.19 10:26:11.426 [1] | INFO | Enscape version: Version unknown because Enscape is not running

    2019.11.19 10:26:11.428 [1] | INFO | Rhino version: Rhino 6 SR 15 (6.15.19164.21011)

    2019.11.19 10:26:11.935 [1] | ERROR | Error starting Rhino plugin

    Microsoft.Practices.Unity.ResolutionFailedException: Resolution of the dependency failed, type = "A.c5b51512699a49ea7252ab857f11688c1", name = "(none)".

    Exception occurred while: Calling constructor A.c834f88d4472e60ed59a5ad4a65650560(A.ccf66225533cd02c0c49425486de64f37 c5fb6242a49800d9540f2a1831c13dc64, A.ca353ed195d3825d8553bcd4aadca6945 c3064db86e3c81ec3fe679e9ade1018dd, A.c8045760abc5a31abeae417eb0abae26a c29fbed0a220bcebeb6af171e31b8d1da, A.cbacc22fa7ad67c7b1a8675225ad3bba1 c30f4f1f3e325f2ccd515f5ed8b1dca6d, A.cba7c0403aa46f6b635feedad8c6ed300 c1626ce4a370c923c393c97be8bd53e14, A.c8fe940ea394ef588963653e564e3ddfc ced76e87efe136b5462fa2eefbbf7d1b6, A.cac1fed017d8d07c73e3358fa47a13c77 c16f140265e1aceffb2d39e547b43a0b4, A.cfb91d713211f1fb8ef6597e707af1517 cf7a01685d668515bfb5900db096e34b2, A.cd7eafccf066bf63f7941dbe60f1f32e2 cc2941cb8243d6b5b31152c3b16189b38).

    Exception is: DirectoryNotFoundException - Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\Enscape\SystemData\Textures\Horizons'.

    It says that it can not fins the folder path 'C:\Program Files\Enscape\SystemData\Textures\Horizons'. but actually folder structure has been chnaged from and 2.6, in 2.3.3 we have path('C:\Program Files\Enscape\SystemData\Textures\Horizons) but in 2.6 we have Textures/Horizon folder under (C:\Program Files\Enscape\Renderer\SystemData\Textures)

    Can you please suggest where to set this path.

    Thanks in advance!!..