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    Thanks for the feedback, and I already "knew" this was the answer... just hoping there was a "magic" button I was missing lol.

    I will definitely keep tweaking the available setting, thanks!

    Hello All, I've seen this discussed before, but not sure I've seen good ways of approaching it yet. whenever I use Enscape from my SU model, the colors seem to just loose "something". I've played with the temp slider, brightness, exposure, etc. still cant seem to find the right settings to get it closer.

    I know that lots of things affect the color, sun lighting,, colors around influencing, etc., but feel like i should be able to get a little closer between these 2 images. Any thought to try?

    The Browns seem more red. There is good contract in SU image, but colors are too similar in palette on Enscape

    SketchUp 2021 + Enscape 2.9 (No Post-Processing)

    i9-10900k, RTX3090, 128G Ram

    Images rendered to 3840x2160

    Hello All, I have seen "some" posts on this, but i have not been able to find anything that solves the issue, hopefully i just missed the solution. About a year-ish back, my Oculus Rift started to not be found. I was using SketchUp 2018 at the time, and it would simply go to "Searching for Headset". Over this past year, i would dive back in to see if i could solve it to no avail. I have gone as far as removing all programs (SU, Enscape, Oculus) and reinstalling everything from scratch. I am now on SketchUp 2019.2, Enscape 2.6, and jsut downloaded the current Oculus software today (Oct. 13, 2019). I am still receiving the same error. Oculus works perfectly fine in every other use, except for Enscape. I would really appreciate some guidance and help as to how i might go about fixing this issue. Thanks!

    I completely understand where you are coming from, and appreciate the time and effort you and the team have put in to discuss the request. In all honestly, the Post production workflow that i would use this for is only a very small part of what i do, and have other means in which to do it; specifically, its when i want to us a rendered image that i can then manipulate into creating something that is more NPR, but having that solid rendered base in which to start from. I can then use various, but specific, SketchUp exports (creating material maps, shade/shadow maps, line exports, etc.) that I use to composite over the rendered image. Here is an image of what i am talking about.

    With that said, MOST of the time, when I use Enscape, it is for producing an image with no post production, but always like to have alternate ways of doing something, depending on the project.

    As for your question, if I am reading it correctly, if we can make a view in Enscape, and then relay that exact camera position and FOV and such into SU, then yes, the process would work fine. But for me at least, this is not an everyday need by any means, just a good option to have available.

    Thanks again!

    mattw0711 In the 2 point perspective the view angle has to be absolute horizontal. If you select a horizontal point of view you should be able to export matching screenshots.

    I appreciate what you are saying, but do not follow. What i am saying is that in SU, the moment you hit the 2-Point option, no matter what, the horizon will occur at the center of the image. Most times, this "framing" is not adequate for a visually appealing image, and therefor I use the pan command in SU to hold the exact view i want, but it slides the horizon down to be at about 1/3 from the bottom; this is when Enscape stops tracking. To try and show this scenario, I did a screen capture and uploaded to YouTube to show what i am talking about.

    If i am doing it wrong, certainly would love some feedback.

    YouTube Link

    allright ! it's work fine, first step synchronise your view with Enscape, second choose your angle, and three in SU choose perspective 2 point and don't move in viewport.

    I am having the exact same concern/issue as solo is, so maybe i can help add to this conversation. You are correct, in that the sync view following SU's 2-Point Perspective does work, with one caveat, which you have stated; You can not re-frame SU once 2-point is activated. This issue is a very specific one, but would be helpful for "fixing" it, for as solo stated, doing post-process work in PS where I can use SU exports overlay-ed with Enscape images currently is not possible.

    The reason is that when i set SU's 2-Point Perspective it generally puts the horizon line directly in the middle of the screen. This typically is too high and adds way to much ground in my image. I typically then pan the image down to create a better crop, placing the horizon about 1/3 up from the bottom. It is THIS adjustment that is necessary for a well framed image, but in doing so, it does not translate properly into Enscape. In testing things out, what it really comes down to is that it seems as if Enscape simply doesn't recognize or see SU's "Pan" command.

    Im attaching some images that hopefully show what i am trying to share. The first set is of SU and Enscape using 2-Point and sync without any pan adjustments. Then the same scene with a pan adjustment in SU and enscapes version of that same scene, which not longer matches 1:1.

    Hello, wanted to see if anyone has had the same problem. I have signed up for the SketchUp Alpha program and after installing it, i clicked on the "start enscape" icon and SU immediately closes. I understand this is an Alpha version and these sorts of issues are to be expected. But to both figure out how to get it to work and support the idea of development of the program to prevent this, I wanted to start the discussion to see how to solve it.

    If there is any information needed from my end, please let me know.