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    my issue is thesame the animation thing yes, it does render but everything turns dim ! I am using Enscape 3.5 BUT regarding the still renderings NO PROBLEM AT ALL the rendering is the as the my visual settings but once I make animation there it goes as it exports the file it will dim and guess what? the self illumanation do not work like its just in ther yes it is lit but the illumination NO IT DOES NOT AT ALL!

    but one very DISTINCTIVE BEHAVIOR is I have the previous file of the same project that when I fire up Enscape it does render animation without any issue at all YES, VERY STRANGE noshadow baking no dimming of lights no dark spots etc... lucky for me I did not override this file. What really happen why I am experiencing it when I copied all the file from that previous project I am referring to because the file is increasing in size and while purging and fixing errors take a thousand years to do I simply export it to an new environment and then that's it! the animation rendering started to behave CRAZY !

    attached herewith are the issue I am facing one is still render which is okay and the other one is the animation render which has gone doomed ! remember this is the file that which I took from the previous file that is still doing good doing good till now.