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    I've been able to run standalone EXE files on my quest 2 both tethered via Oculus Link, and wireless via Air Link.... HOWEVER, the experience was very "jumpy/jittery" and unusable. My machine has a Quadro RTX 5000 card.

    The same EXE file runs smoothly on my Oculus Rift, albeit at the lower resolution.

    The same scene running through Enscape in Revit is also running rough on my Quest 2.

    My coworker however is running smooth in his Quest 2 running an RTX 2070 Super.

    Must be something wrong with my HMD.

    I was really looking forward to testing the DLSS and denoising improvements.... Why isnt the Quest 2 officially supported YET? Aside from Sony it must be the most popular headset on the market.


    Have you tried to make this work since Virtual Desktop was officially released on the Oculus app store... not requiring Sidequest?

    Demian Gutberlet

    Would be really helpful if Enscape staff could figure this out, as VR simplicity is one your strengths. With competitors stepping up with real-time solutions at ever increasing levels of quality and functionality, it would to sad to see Enscape drop out of a leading position.

    PS... ASAP please.

    For me the Quest 2 and original Rift headset look the same in VR when the Quest 2 is tethered to the PC. My PC runs an Quadro RTX 5000 card, which is on the high end, but Enscape limits the quality for VR to one step lower than the highest quality. This is one of the main reasons to consider using OTHER programs for high quality VR due to their ability to bake the lighting and put less strain on the GPU during the live experience.

    I really wish Enscape would focus on improving the VR experience for those of us with the hardware to handle it.

    One suggestion would be to consider a foveated render approach, so that the processor can prioritize higher quality content in the center of the screen and lower the quality towards the edges.

    I also wish they would better support those of us who are trying to use the Quest 2 wirelessly. Clearly its the future of VR. Why not lead the competition?

    Trying to use Arno's grow a tree dynamo script, but not sure I have the latest version or one that is compatible with Revit 2021/Dynamo
    Can someone point me to this?
    What additional packages will be required?

    Also, does his script work to place vegetation on toposurfaces?

    Any other scattering approaches worth trying?


    Would be great to have a tool in Enscape to generate an exportable listing of all the textures in use in the model, providing their name, path, and pixel dimensions. This would help users realize when they are using something that's too big, not found, or not necessary.

    The tool could also report how many polygons are active in the chosen view in Enscape

    Recently, I've been experiencing more crashes with Enscape than ever before. I have a quadro RTX 5000 Max Q card in my laptop with 16 gigs of VRAM, which until recently could operate our largest models quickly and render without problems. The problems started somewhere towards the end of the 2.7 builds, through 2.8, and has continued into the latest 2.9 preview.

    One interesting symptom to note... when launching Enscape or changing view settings that cause it to re "print" to the engine, sometimes my entire system will freeze until the process is finished. This never happened in the past. By freeze, I mean audio output would stop, mouse would freeze position on screen, etc. Eventually it usually recovers and resumes normal operation within 1-3 minutes.

    I know that I push the limits on textures and model details, which is why i buy the best hardware available (within reason), but Enscape used to handle it without issue.


    A tool in Enscape to generate an exportable listing of all the textures in use in the model, providing their name, path, and pixel dimensions. This would help users realize when they are using something that's too big, not found, or not necessary.

    The tool could also report how many polygons are active in the chosen view in Enscape

    Pretty please?

    I have fought this battle so many times, testing different light lengths, emissive materials, etc. and find that none of them really are adequate.
    The only approach I've found that is consistently workable is a line based family with a nested light fixture family arrayed within the host family.

    The problem with the emissive material approach is that you get splotchy lighting... You need a real light source to avoid that.

    I dont know the price differences, but you might consider the Geforce RTX line (2070 or 2080 Max-Q) instead of the Quadro RTX line (3000). You may get more bang for your buck at the price range you're considering. Moving forward, RTX should be a minimum requirement as more and more applications are adopting the technology.

    Frankly, the hotkeys you're asking for are completely unimportant for MY use of the program. Bet that sucks to hear.

    I happen to like the simplicity of Enscape's animation system. Yeah, bummer again.

    Get a network license if you want to switch between machines. Business is business. That's how the world works.

    Does Enscape value YOUR requests above everyone else? The answer is NO. That's why our wonderful support folks from Enscape responded that they would add your VOTES for feature requests to the list.

    I'm guessing your specific requests are either NOT shared by enough others to become development priorities, or they take more time and resources than is reasonable.

    Again, please tell me what other software provides equal or better results AND has developers that listen. Until then, I suggest keeping your vitriol to yourself.

    Dude or dame.... Chill.

    If you've been in the industry for any length of time, like I have (32 years), you should understand that this company is more responsive to customer requests than 98% of the competition. Sure, there are features we all want to see, but they've have a stellar track record of listening to user requests and then delivering what they can without making the software bloated and slow.

    Substance, yes would be great, but its more an integration issue with the modelling application's material system than it is with Enscape.

    Displacement mapping, of course. This puts a higher tax on the engine, which effects frame-rate. I'd love to have it regardless.

    Asset library local caching... and some method of scattering assets... my main wish-list request.

    All of this takes time and money, and this software is extremely affordable for the product they provide.

    Enscape has revolutionized real-time integrated rendering, making it easier than ANYONE else to get great quality with very little effort.

    If you disagree, I'd love to hear who is doing it better.