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    I'm on almost the same R15 laptop but with a GTX 1080 card and when using the builds just before 2.5 was released, I was also experiencing extremely slow Enscape startup times. After updating to the latest build today, it has gotten back to 'normal" with much shorter startups. I'm using Enscape with Revit 2019, not Sketchup or Rhino.

    YES, another strong vote for adding this capability.

    I would use this on absolutely EVERY project.

    While you're working on it, how about animated textures? That would add more "life" to our scenes. (Obviously not supported by Revit...)

    Do different lighting techniques effect render quality? For example, if an object is set to have a “self-illumination” material would it be more or less efficient than a light with an IES definition?

    On a related note, if a light family in Revit has both a self illuminating material on the diffuser AND an IES file defining a light source, is enscape doing double the amount of necessary calculations?

    Is there a difference between how IES lights and self-illumination material lights work when changing the time of day to night time?

    What technique are you using to achieve tall and short grasses?

    Is the ground plane an Enscape procedural grass?

    Are the tall grasses also procedural?

    Looks great.