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    I dont know the price differences, but you might consider the Geforce RTX line (2070 or 2080 Max-Q) instead of the Quadro RTX line (3000). You may get more bang for your buck at the price range you're considering. Moving forward, RTX should be a minimum requirement as more and more applications are adopting the technology.

    Frankly, the hotkeys you're asking for are completely unimportant for MY use of the program. Bet that sucks to hear.

    I happen to like the simplicity of Enscape's animation system. Yeah, bummer again.

    Get a network license if you want to switch between machines. Business is business. That's how the world works.

    Does Enscape value YOUR requests above everyone else? The answer is NO. That's why our wonderful support folks from Enscape responded that they would add your VOTES for feature requests to the list.

    I'm guessing your specific requests are either NOT shared by enough others to become development priorities, or they take more time and resources than is reasonable.

    Again, please tell me what other software provides equal or better results AND has developers that listen. Until then, I suggest keeping your vitriol to yourself.

    Dude or dame.... Chill.

    If you've been in the industry for any length of time, like I have (32 years), you should understand that this company is more responsive to customer requests than 98% of the competition. Sure, there are features we all want to see, but they've have a stellar track record of listening to user requests and then delivering what they can without making the software bloated and slow.

    Substance, yes would be great, but its more an integration issue with the modelling application's material system than it is with Enscape.

    Displacement mapping, of course. This puts a higher tax on the engine, which effects frame-rate. I'd love to have it regardless.

    Asset library local caching... and some method of scattering assets... my main wish-list request.

    All of this takes time and money, and this software is extremely affordable for the product they provide.

    Enscape has revolutionized real-time integrated rendering, making it easier than ANYONE else to get great quality with very little effort.

    If you disagree, I'd love to hear who is doing it better.

    Enscape is visually so good right out of the box, it continues to be an easy decision to keep using it. That said, the longer it takes to get feature-parity with the competition, the more interest there will be in going a different direction. Unfortunately for Enscape, they are hamstrung by the slowness of the Revit interface when it comes to materials, lighting, entourage. Would be great for Enscape to somehow ease that pain... Python script for easy Revit material setup from Substance files or carefully named texture files? Entourage /tools that have built in distribution scripts for scattering/placement? Think Rail-clone / Forest Pack Pro functionality built into Enscape. I can dream, cant I?

    So to clarify, your solution still requires a desktop/laptop machine to run enscape and stream the experience to the wireless Quest? Its great that this is possible...

    ...However... the biggest barrier to client engagement is the GPU requirement. Its not reasonable to have a dedicated VR capable machine for each person in a meeting and it diminishes the usefulness when people a have to take turns to participate.

    If the Quest could run an optimized/"game-ifyed" EXE file, we could buy enough quests for a small army of meeting participants and simply push the exe to each.

    Iris VR Prospect has had multi-user and untethered Quest support for a long time. The visual quality is just severely lacking but the functionality is impressive.

    It would be nice for Assets to be associated with more appropriate Revit categories, such as furniture, entourage, planting, etc. not just everything categorized as Planting.

    Also, it would be nice for assets to be face based or workplane based so that you can place them with greater control. For example books that go on bookshelves of varying height. My workaround is to place the book asset on the ground, then edit the family to make it workplane based, then edit workplane for the placed asset and set it to a picked horizontal face of each shelf.

    There are several currently available running the Quadro RTX 5000 card with 16 GB of VRAM from MSI, Dell, Alienware, Asus, BOXX, IBM/Lenova, and possibly HP. They are sometimes referred to as "RTX Studio" machines.

    I have the MSI WS65. So far its been great and its much lighter and thinner than my previous Alienware 15 R3.

    ASUS has announced a new machine that will include the Quadro RTX 6000 card that has 24 gigs of VRAM. Not available yet, so I got tired of waiting and chose the MSI.

    Mid-range laptops for 3D viz these days have graphic cards that start with 6-8 Gigs of VRAM which is 48 to 64 TIMES more than your laptop. High-end laptops have 12-16 GBs.

    While 2GB may be the minimum spec to run it, you wont get good performance (low framerate)

    Sorry for the bad news.