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    I don't have an answer to this and would also like to know. I suspect it's not currently possible but it would be a good feature to introduce to be able to set the length of grass.

    We are aware of this issue, this is something which should be resolved with an update soon.

    It's good to hear you're working on this and hopefully a quick update will be issued. Not being able to match the view in SketchUp is making Enscape almost unusable at the moment.

    By the way have you also changed the way renders are saved? I used to be able to rename the file before saving but all it is allowing me to do now is choose a folder to save it in.

    I've not used Enscape for a while and wondered if the shadow settings had changed and whether shadow sharpness can now be adjusted?

    Something does seems to have changed since March when I last used Enscape. I now see the opposite of the original poster. Previously my shadows were sharp and now they have a soft look as you can see from the attached. Any information on whether you can adjust this would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Can you add another vote to varying the grass height?

    On close up views it looks good, however on aerial perspectives for example where the viewpoint is some way off, the grass texture isn't really visible and the SketchUp tiled grass becomes dominant.

    Ryan, that was good idea to double click the SketchUp component and insert the Enscape asset which provides a great workaround to reload components with assets.

    I've also got Placemaker and I've found a way to reload Placemaker components with Enscape assets. If you first swap out the Placemaker trees with SketchUp tree components, then you swap the SketchUp trees for an Enscape asset. Then select all instances, explode and you're then left with the Enscape asset trees as components.

    Thanks Demian, that's great if it's on the future agenda. In my workflow for example, I produce a site plan in SketchUp with 2d Sketchup plan view components. When I produce 3d views I then reload all the plan view components with 3d components, which is far quicker than replacing them individually. For large masterplans this can be thousands of components.

    It really would be most helpful to be able to reload Enscape assets, as otherwise it is impractical to use them for large numbers of components. As the number of Enscape assets increase I would want to use them almost exclusively, as using Enscape assets ensures the 3d components are optimised for Enscape.

    I've just purchased Enscape after testing it last year and so far so good.

    The assets are new since the trial and are a great feature. Unless I'm missing something however, it only seems possible to load the assets one at a time from the Enscape dialogue. Is it possible to reload existing SketchUp components and replace them all at once with Enscape assets? If not then could this feature be introduced?

    Also, for some of the assets such as shrubs, it would be good to see a low poly outline rather than just a box.



    I've just tried some landscape components to see how Enscape will render them. The below link will download a file where the two small bush components do not display at all in Enscape. The trees will display but are shaded so one side is in shade and the other is not. I can simply use different components so its not a big deal but I thought that you may want to know.!AvoxeEp08873tnDQ5n8QoyhPjMBO

    By the way I reduced the rendering to draft and reduced the render window size. I also unchecked the grass texture in Enscape. It still crashed. I thought I might have found the problem as there were Skatter textures in the materials with 'grass' in the name but even after deleting them, again it still crashed. What was strange though was SketchUp was suggesting that the materials were in use but I couldn't see any Skatter components in the outliner. It must be something to do with Skatter I'm not aware of, as like Enscape I'm also testing it so I'm not familiar with it yet.

    I have a file that I'm working on which was fine until I tried applying Skatter grass. Even as a proxy and render only, I got a Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) Crash (see attached). Strangely even after removing the geometry, Enscape now won't load the file without crashing. The file is around 40MB so not small but not huge either. Is this something that anyone else has experienced using Skatter?

    I've had a few instances of this happening with the tests I've been doing. Despite Skatter working with proxies, the grass textures seem to overload Enscape.

    My PC is a decent spec with a Quadro K2200 card with the latest drivers. I'm also on Windows 10 with 64 bit 4.00 gigahertz Intel Core i7-4790K and 32 GB of RAM.

    Thanks Jonathan, I understand now.

    Would it also be possible to reload components in a model and replace them with proxies? For example you might discover that there are far too many trees which weigh down the model so then decide to swap them with proxies. Doing this via reload would be a lot quicker than replacing them individually by dragging in replacement proxies.

    Also, would it be possible for one type of component to display in Sketchup e.g. a low poly tree which would be linked to a high poly tree that displays in Enscape? Currently the proxy only displays as a square/rectangular outline.

    I've downloaded the trial and so far it's very impressive. I noted that the latest preview version has support for SketchUp proxies so I've also download that. I can't however get the proxies to work. The only reference I can see is on the new preview version thread (New preview version but the instructions are not clear to me. Can someone explain the various steps I need to take to show a low poly object in SketchUp, which renders as a high poly object in Enscape?

    As a related point I can't find a manual as such. There are various videos, the knowledge base, forum etc which has got me up and running but it would be good to have a comprehensive online manual which provides information on all the features of Enscape in one place.