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    i have one question about rendering Enscape assets. Is it even possible to render properly Enscape asset to show normally (no some placeholder) with just native Render in Revit?

    Thank you

    About that 2.

    In Revit from 2019 is possibility to add PBR textures to advanced material editor and after that renders are a lot better. You can add normal map, height map, roughness, AO and more, but with default Revit material editor you can not add these PBR textures , but bump texture yes. So maybe you are right you can add displacement to bump in default material editor, but this is absolutely useless, becasue render is really bad with default material editor versus advanced Revit PBR editor( where with PBR textures you are in the differente quality). In advanced PBR revit editor you can add just normal map or height map and with normal map max value is 5mm and with height map is it 254mm , but you cant do 500mm setting for bump map, so this is way displacement maybe working with default Revit editor but for users from 2019 this isnt option anymore.

    Thank you

    Hi adam p. There is but big problem. You are working with default material texture selection, but from revit 2019 there is possibility to add PBR textures in Revit as you can see in attached 1.jpg. Roughness and normal map possibility for example is new there.

    But im bump selection there is problem with your +-500 to depth, becasue maximum depth value here is +254mm and not +500. But maybe will work just 254.

    You can see in my second attached jpg i've created PBR stone material in Revit 2019 and set displacement map to Height map and set value for +254mm and result is quite good as you can see.


    i've downloaded your latest 2.9 version for Revit. And i dont know but just for video texturing first 2 things doesnt work as i thought.

    1. custom assets - as i seen that you can import .fbx .obj geometry in revit and than can change materials in you new custom asset feature. This is ok, but this was possible even before this update(you can import fbx to cad and than to revit family and can edit custom materials), ok now its maybe a bit easier and faster but still. Best thing about your program is to have your about 2000 assets and we need to change materials to them, this is most needed update i think for all Revit users. Because this feature doesnt help much for Revit, maybe for Sketchup its great, but not much for Revit. Maybe if we can download your assets in fbx or obj and have them in our local drive, as you add aswell this feature but with .json format , and then we can add them in custom asset feature and change finally their materials, this could be finally our dream feature

    2. displacement texture doesnt work in Revit - i know this is maybe Revit thing , that they need to add this possibility but again this is for Sketchup not Revit

    I know Sketchup is prior for Enscape, but i think Revit have bigger audience overall, so i hope you will try to fix this for Revit in another updates.

    Thank you

    Hello there,

    I have created material in Revit 2019 from Substance Alchemist and added them into Revit as base map, Normal map and Roughness map and add that texture into 3d revit and its showimg me right as you can see below in attached 1.jpg


    And as you can see here below in attached 2.jpg in Enscape it's rendering as white or grey out and without any similarity with my 3d in revit. It seems like Enscape cant recognize this material, but Revit can.


    I m also attaching my used textures for this. Could you please help me, why i cant render this texture properly?

    Many thanks