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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.


    We'll definitely consider this, however to be quite frank I don't expect it to be a high priority right now, as the Revit material editor is absolutely capable to define almost all material parameters Enscape supports anyway. There're no limitations except for the vegetation flag in comparison to the Sketchup material editor

    Is it possible to do something as small as tweaking the material in revit material browser and press applying will update the material in enscape instead having to press OK? we do some interior scenes and the accuracy of the materials is very crucial and tweaking it to look right takes quite some time because we have to keep closing and opening the window for the material to update in enscape

    Perhaps we could approach this like how they change the grass-water material, when we rename a material to grass or water the bump value could represent a displacement value in enscape controlling how high the grass is or how high the water is. Naming the material stone or rock will make the material bumpy automatically unless the bump value is 0 or bump is off

    I'm having this same problem even though i'm running on a GTX1080 GPU, It's surprising how the GPU rendering requirement of this program is so intensive.
    Could you perhaps add a mode between "ultra" and "high" in later version? or have an advanced option to let user control reflection/rendering qualities of some materials like mirror and glass? The new version makes the mirror looks blurry while running

    Thank you, I just found that link, they seems to be quite confusing as one in the invoice and the other one is the subscription login. I think you should have included this on your main webpage somewhere. The mail could've been lost or deleted and then people would have no way of accessing their account payment besides contacting support.

    Sorry for making irrelevant thread but I've been trying to find where i can change my credit card information or cancel the subscription . I've been trying to find it on the main webpage and even contacted support for help but no luck. Can someone tell me where this login window is?

    Will there be a feature where I can customize the people in Revit to have different posture such as seating, conversing , touring, person with disabilities or performing a wide variety of actions?. For an interior designer this could be a very important feature and I figure this isn't something terribly hard to do or add to.