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    yup, vray materials will not be evaluated by most exports, including the gltf exporter.

    There are scripts out there for max to convert vray materials into regular materials, but it's hit and miss. Vray can do things that regular PBR materials do not have support for (like explicit fall-off ramps etc) so a 1-to-1 conversion is impossible.

    You can also of course manually do it, if it's only a handful of models.

    Thank you so much for shedding light to the problem . I was not aware of this.

    You've been a ton of help . Thanks again !

    Are you using the official enscape asset generator or the old generator?

    I highly recommend using the official enscape generator. It's way better than my generator tool (I wrote that tool from before there was an official tool).

    When you export from max, are the textures included in the export? (so do you see the exporter writing them to the selected folder)?

    Thank you so much for answering !

    Yes of course . Export textures option is checked by default . Though I see the textures just fine in max viewport , no extra texture files is exported - just .bin and .gltf

    Is the fact that the models are vray models with vray textures a possible cause to this ? Though I do convert the scene to a regular max scene to the same result.

    The same thing happened to me starting version 3.0.0-preview.5+37339 . Set workplane command , used even in a simple new family model with nothing in it will instantly crash Revit entirely in any circumstance until I unistall Enscape. Version preview 4 . 35851 and all previous are working just fine .

    Hope this helps !

    Hello everyone!

    This will sound very silly, as I have this feeling that I'm the last person to understand how this works although everything seems so simple. My questions is :

    Do you have any idea why I can't seem to have the materials exported using the Babylon File Exporter in 3DsMax ?

    I can see the textures clearly in Max viewport, but when I export using Babylon no texture files are created and the models import as white in Enscape . I even tried manually selecting the image texture files when importing them in the Asset Generator ( .gltf+.bin+ image texture files selected manually) and the result is the same .

    I am clearly misunderstanding this , can anyone spare a second to give a glimpse onto what I am doing so wrong :) ?

    thank you so much !