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    I’d like to suggest a number of changes to the View Settings window as well as splitting Output Settings to its own window.

    I believe that my proposed changes will simplify view management and make batch export a lot more flexible and useful.

    This is all best illustrated with a diagram. Please study the attached PDF carefully. I am keen to hear everyone‘s opinions and happy to clarify my suggested changes.

    Settings UI and functionality.pdf

    I’ve been thinking about this some more and here’s what I came up with. It’s best illustrated with a diagram. Take your time to go over it, I’m proposing a few changes and file naming system comes at the end.

    I believe that these changes would actually make it easier to use Enscape and certainly would help manage batch export process. I’m happy to discuss this further with anyone who is interested.

    Here's the diagram in PDF format: Settings UI and functionality.pdf

    And here's a pretty picture to help those who don't like clicking on links:

    first request was made in 2018... its been 5 years and still have to manually rename every render X/

    Yes, this is a real letdown, especially given the cost of a license.

    We need a flexible way to manage file naming from within Enscape. I’d like to see something similar to UE’s move render queue mechanism. I want to be able to create output configs and attach them to items in the render queue. Each output config should let me specify which visual preset should be applied to the related render and separately where I want to save the render output. The output path should be fully configurable with keywords that will be automatically substituted with relevant values at output times. For example, $day, $month, $year, $scene, $shot, etc.