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    Most of the people in our office are having the same problem, camera flying out of the model or day/night setting rolling without being able to stop it. It seems to occur when we click back into the Enscape window (from Revit), although it also happens that the camera is already flying as soon as the Enscape window opens up. There seems to be no consistency on when it happens except the fact that it is mostly when we click back into the Enscape window. My colleague Viktoryia has already contacted the Enscape team with that issue ( in Feb. 2019. This issue is still occuring and very disturbing and time wasting as the only way to fix it is to close Enscape and re open, or even close Revit altogether and re open.

    Some of us are using wireless keyboards and mouses, but I am not and I am still having this issue a few times a day.

    We are downloading a software to record what is happening on our screens when this happens. I will send as soon as we get a grab of one of those occurrences.

    Thank you in advance for any advice.